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I have lived in Texas all my life. Right in the middle of the bible belt. I am sure you all know about Texans after our famous last president...well if you dont let me give you an example of what I deal with on a daily basis. They still love G.W. Bush senior and junior, Obama is a muslim as far as 80% of them are concerned, and Sarah Palin is a good politician and smart woman.

I grew up believing in god simply because i had never been given a option to think otherwise never been taught about evolution or anything like that. Once I grew up went to college and started reading and really learning I realized that there is no way a god even exist and if he does I want nothing to do with him. He allows his followers to verbally, physically, and emotionally attack anyone who doesn't see things their way. I feel very alien and alone in this town. Anyone that I tell about my views immediately looks at me on a lower level than their own.
I hold no ill will towards any of these people though. After a long inner struggle I realize that I would only be as bad as they are if I judged them for believing. They just dont realize because it has been so ingrained into them throughout their whole lives that they just cant see any other way. I love Texas but I do hate what we have turned it into.
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I also live in Texas. I'm sixteen, and being an atheist in high school in a small town in Texas, is like being in a very ****** horror movie. When I finally "came out of the closet" about it, I started getting a lot of hate mail in my locker, and my dad...Well, let's not talk about how my extremist father reacted. It was bad. I won't hide who I am anymore, though. I just wish people weren't so afraid of me.

I am also in Texas. I feel unable to be open about the fact that I'm atheist, because I don't want to be discriminated against.

I'm right there with ya, buddy. I live in MO, and I'm in the same boat. It's very hard to find many atheists in this podunk little town, but I have found at least one and that is a relief. Every now and then I have to be able to vent a little, and it helps to have someone who is a fellow nonbeliever to vent to.

You've my support man. I'm a Canadian atheist. It's not as bad as in the bible belt but where I live the area is still full of stupid people. Just keep trying to look for people like yourself and know that you're not alone. <br />
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Dawkins bless America :D