Realized I Am An Atheist

I just left a church that harasses me at my job. They have been harassing me to the point of quitting and walking out. I am soooo pissed because I feel like they won. I recently found a new job and they are starting to show up at my new job pretending to be customers and harassing me while I am working. I haven't quite figured out what group this is and why they keep doing this but I need some HELP!  I need to know if there are any organizations that could help me make a statement to these ******** because they think they are fulfilling whatever God put in their hearts:-/ I had started just attending the church most Sundays then I felt a tug in my heart to do good in the community and thought that serving would help me make connections to try and make a difference in the world. Boy was I stupid! Yes Stupid! I started serving every week but I realized they were trying to conform me into something I realized I am not. At first I thought if I just stuck with it things might change but NO! These people were trying to surround themselves around every inch of my life until I could not breath... very cult like. Well these people do not give up.  To get away from these people I had to completely leave my business, friends and family and move to a different State. Now that I just started a new job they are forming their plan.  I am so desperate to get away I am going crazy and feel like I will never be happy. 
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2 Responses Jan 5, 2013

Hmm.... sounds like you need to move, then. What kinds of things do they do when they harass you?

Hellllo? If you're being harassed on the job by people from a church that you just quit, you can call the police.