In Fact In This Regard I've Grown Into A Radical.

a couple weeks ago on tumblr I got in a shouting match with one of my favorite posters because he had posted all of this stuff about how the only form of sexual mate selection discrimibnation we could have without being prejudice was homosexual or heterosexual.... Those were genetic and off limits to him. This did not sit well with me at all. I had not found darker skin attractive and even fetishized pale skin ni acutlure that prefered tan skin. I liked snow white the entire time. having to point this out to him and after saying it really didn't matter how it presented he offically accused me of colorism. In spite of years of activism in favor of people of color. In spite of years of feeling sympathetic for them I had somehow failed as an ally becuase I had never considered them to be potential sexual or romantic partners. That was colorism on my part. So sayeth the almight village wisdom of Tabula Rasa Evolutionism. I got suckered into a debate with girlwriteswhat in which i suggested the nature of gender identity is far more envirometnal than genetic and she tore me a new ******* in that debate. Transidentity is apparentally HIGHLY Genetic in all likeyhood so I started to look into it and I Realized when dad had met my mother she was a completely different person that the woman who raised me. She raised my eldest sibbling out of her car. she was a suvivor. yyou don't ever sotp being the suvivor but  this personality was pushed underneath the surface the entire time. Nearly 40 years later her son had formed closest attachments with women who were suvivors of some sort.

Then there were studies suggesting male sheep tend to select female sheep within their matrilinal line. altohugh not necessiarily absolutely closely aligned (We are all related by at least one common ancestor. aLL humans) they would prefer instinctively sheep ho were you know, cousins 8 times removed etc on mothers side. THere was another wake up call and shot that came that suggested we also sexually imprtint on ourselves and a lot of dating behaviorr and sexually predatory behavior is much like a game of self seeks similiar., was the first one

then there was this one:

what i am suggesting is that many people will say that bisexuality pansexualtiy heterosexuality asexuality bisexuality and the whole nine yards there are genetic. They will stop short of indicating any kind of sexual preference can be genetic in nature-they claim that's all a choice. Or at best something we can influence with therapy.

the genetic research seems to disagree. IT seems to be saying it's all nature in other words the notion of their insection is absrud because in all likelyhood i was BORN with these biases. I've been working to dismantle this argument. Attraction is NOT a choice. 

I have tried to be an ally to the people who fall outside on my sexual attraction spectrum my entire life it seems. IT seems that some people who get caught up on this notion of equaity push it to the point where no one really wants to take it.  it's not welcome by me, it's not even welcome by my genes...

I'm sorry but the notion that these issues intersect is absurd to me. I never wanted this debate. I never wanted to be seeking to rationalize my own sexual choices, but you called me out on it 
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I think it's right in there with the whole "nature vs nurture" thing. In this case, I think it's both. We do have genetic predisposition for a lot of our behavior, but we're also molded by our experiences especially as a child.

thats what epigenetics is about in itself, it was often touted as "nurture wins" by some people. in my case I seem to of picked up a lot of unnecessiary biases. I do not WANT Them at all but I Feel repulsed by the idea of using therapy to correct them.

this is a really interesting article on the same general subject.

People have taken to perverting therapy since its inception...
Therapy isn't meant to change all behaviors... its to help change behaviors that a person finds are hindering them from a healthy life.
Forcing people into therapy is as helpful to society as the salem witch trials.

And let me go even a bit further, most therapy people seek isn't always to change a behavior or they way the feel...but to understand it... see it from a neutral analytical point of view...

Therapy is to help someone understand themselves, it aides in "self improvement"... anyone using it as a cohersive molding of what a person "should" be, isn't a therapist in my opinion.
Its not called psycho-analysis for no reason.