Autism is unique to my eyes...

I feel connected to that world.dont ask me why but i do..Autism is as if the person has walls all around him/her.I didnt know bout autism till i met some kids.I learnt about it more and its really unique..

..more silence..to be alone..difficult to be with others..almost cant see others face to face..That world felt so close to mine, connected..my silence..their silence..I remember  a kid was playing alone when other kids were outside and i was with her.

Idk if others understand this but silence is a connection..(just try understand silence if u can..)

I still feel connected to that world...

I think is unique and i dont like when some ppl laugh at autistic kids..kids are all equal and all deserve love..

amysangels amysangels
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yeah special connection.<br />
i think some ppl on ep have white color around them-but they smile if i tell them that

Like glow worms in the dark world ....

Hi amyMA -- I do agree, that in silence there is a very special connection to be found. I've been working with an autistic child, and I feel a special connection with her. Being a HSP (highly sensitive person) myself, I feel I understand their sensitivity. I've wondered if the little girl I work with can see something the rest of have a difficult time seeing (if at all). She often asks me if I am certain colours, and I wonder if she can see auras. I love the message of your last line -- we are all deserving of love. Thanks for sharing :)

I agree with you ...