Saying Goodbye

      Yesterday was the last day that I got to see my boy before he left this morning. He ended up having to be at the hotel earlier yesterday afternoon that we were originally told. We ended up going to church together, then afterwards I drop him off at his place an we talked for maybe 2 or 3 mins if that before I had to let him go so he could finish packing before he had to go to the office. We had our finally hugs and kisses an it was just so hard to leave but I made a promise to him that I would stay strong for him an that I would write him as much as he wrote me if not more. I ended up writing him a 3 page letter so he would have something to read while he was on the plane on his way to San Diego. 
          He told me last night before I left that he would try to call me before he fell asleep, but he defiantly would text me as much as he could until he went to sleep & before his phone got shut off at 12am. About 10 pm I got a message from him saying, "If I don't call I love you." an maybe not even 11 mins later I got a phone call from him saying, "I just wanted to call quick an say goodnight baby, I love you, an I will see you in a few months. You also should be getting your letter here in the first couple of days." An I was strong up until that point then I broke down, but right now i'm soo glad that i got to talk to him before he left an that I got to say everything that I needed to say to him before he left. Alot of people say that if we can make it through this we can make it through anything, an I don't only believe that but I know that its true. He means the world to me an I don't know what I would do if anything ever happened to him. Yet i'm taking the risk of letting him go into the most dangerous job there is which is dealing with the bombs an defusing them. Yes he told me last night the he was nervous because it was boot-camp that he was going to but I told him that I know he can make it because he is strong an I believe he can make it through. I am going to be as encouraging as I can to him, an I know that's the only thing I can do. if he gets back when he's suppose to there is 88 days left tell we see each other <3 an its going to be the best moment of my life when I can hug him an give him a kiss. We are also going to make up for the things we missed, because we are missing valentines day, an both of our birthdays. Well that's about all for today, tell next time.

ILoveMyMarine12 ILoveMyMarine12
18-21, F
Jan 23, 2012