I Really Do Need Someone To Talk To

I dont know who else to turn to or will listen .I know already and I need someone to talk to .I know he over afghanistan and 2 more weeks will be a month so far .Before he got deployed he was talking to one of the military guys on facebook and he was telling my boyfriend to chill becuase my boyfriend was slipping out saying he might not make it home alive .This guy says becuase what he dose he might be on base and might not depends .I know when he got there he was texting me alot and then it slowed down and I know something was up he text me saying I should have a better boyfriend but the same day he told me "kim I wanted to let you know that I dont think Im going to come home alive .Thats the biggest thing I been hiding from you .;I dont know if he stressed becuase its our first deployment or what .The 14 he was stressed about his platoon the military people there and then Then the 20 he was stressed then the other day he told me he might not make it home.I dont know if he in the middle of this or he just stressed and scared or something .
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everything better .He more relax and he tells me he stay on ba<x>se .He stay really busy he text once a week or couple times but I keep in touch with his family but I keep busy wiht my life .But thansk for the supprt everyone .I have more support on here then facebook and even people in person

Just let him know you're still waiting and that hasn't changed. Tell him you're praying for him and want to be a source of relief and not stress for him. It is tough. I understand. Just be there for him. Continue sending him emails, but maybe do it less often because that may be overwhelming and tell him this is the reason.

This must be hard to deal with. :( i have not yet dealt with deployment. You need to remain strong for him and for you also! If it is his first deployment he is probably just scared. If you ever need to talk feel free to message me :)

Ohh my god thats soooo sad :( I'm sure he will come home safe though! He's probably just stressed out from being there and it's his first time being that far away! Just stay strong and stay strong for him tooo<33