Being A Marine Girlfriend

Prepared me to be a Marine Wife. In a lot of ways nothing has changed for us now that we are married, he still leaves to go to the field for months at a time, we still talk on the phone when we are able to, I still miss him and worry about him... But now that we are married it seems a bit more complicated. I have obligations to take classes in preparation for the deployment, there are wives nights that I am supposed to go to, being a wife is just a little more involved I guess, which I hadn't't really anticipated. I'm not complaining though, the camaraderie with all these women is great and it helps to get involved and hear other wives talk about previous deployments. However, I must say that being a marine girlfriend made me strong, it taught me what to expect, what not to expect, it made me realize that if I truly wanted to be with him forever I needed to take a step down and realize that although he loves me with all his heart and soul, I will never come first. The marine corps is his life for the next 2 1/2 years and we have no control over that....

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That's funny how the USMC orders civilians to take a class huh

All of this seems true. As far as I can tell anyway... my man just left for boot camp 3 weeks ago. But I don't believe that you will NEVER come first. Maybe I read the ending wrong, but I believe that in 2 1/2 years you will come first. Stay strong. That's all any of us can do while our favorite guys are away :)

hey i aktually have tons of kuestionsz for yew! its jst dat my bf is a a CPL & he wants to re-enlist & idk wat to expekt bkusz i hate da fakt dat da Marine Corps komes first dan me in his life as long as he in in da military. & we talk about getin married bt how much diff is it? i mean i heard yew still are away alot of da time., so i started tinkin den watsz da point of getin married if it doesnt change much? i mean dnt get me wrong i wld love to marry him.. i jst wld like him to b wit me more. he about to deploy in about 2 or 3 monthsz so itsz krazy rite now. i wl like to talk to yew more bout disz if yew kan of kourse.

What does he do? My husband is 0811 artillery. Since September he has gone to the field twice for a month each time, and the months that he wasn't out in the field for the whole month they went out for a week to or two weeks of that month, his work days are crazy long too. So yeah, I'd say he is in the field a lot. We figured it out last night and in six months time he has been gone a total of 4 months.

yeah just asking cuz im getting ready for all that and hes told me that the hell be on the field most of the time

Yes, we do live together but that doesn't mean that he is home that often. He has been gone twice for a month and is in the field all the time...

but hey dont you live with him?