Thanks All You Moms Out There

I'm not a mom, but I know your job is tough!  When I think of everything a mom, its an intimidating job.  I don't know if I ever want to take on that role.  I think being a mother (and a wife at the same time?!)  is quite possibly the closest thing to a real living hell.  Sure there are some rewards to be found in the experience, but uh, I severely doubt they out-weigh the sacrifices.

Perhaps I have a warped perspective, though, as my mother's life is a sorry one.


To all you moms out there, keep your chins up!  And don't take any **** from anybody!



Cade Cade
1 Response Feb 12, 2009

ohhh thanks for the blog iam a mother and thats me and my daugher on mothers day 2003 its the best job ive ever had<br />
i was ment to be a mom i love it! the only regreat i have is <br />
i wished i had more children oh well grand babys one day <br />
i hope