About 2 years ago, a friend of mine started becoming very self conscious. Her self esteem lowered to the size of a grain of rice. I tried so many times to talk to her, to help her. Not until 3 months of constant bugging did she tell me what was wrong. Turns out her boyfriend's family was broken apart by an affair his mother had. This caused her boyfriend to be depressed, which caused him to say horrible things to her.
My friend was completely blinded by the puppy love she had for him, even if he wasn't worth a minute of her time. She wouldn't listen to me whenever I tried to cheer her up or convince her to leave him.
So I did the next best thing. I slowly got closer to the guy, became his friend behind my friend's back. After a few months, I had earned his complete trust. Throughout the course of those months, he started talking me down. Saying I was worthless, that nobody would ever want me. And as my self esteem started to lower, my friend's began fixing itself back up. Her boyfriend didn't talk her down anymore, he had me to get all of his anger out.
A few more months of this and my self esteem became even lower. But I continued. I continued for my friend, who had finally gained back her confidence. I was afraid that if I stopped, he would crumble back down all of her work to stitch herself back up.
A month later, he started hitting me. Turns out, his own father was beating him at hone, still hung up about his wife's affair and their divorce. So I would let him. Better me then her, I would think. As time passed, he started looking worse and worse. Started doing drugs and drinking and smoking. His grades dropped and he got into fights with anybody who even looked at him funny. It was too much for him.
2 weeks later, his body was found in the dumpster. Police found a suicide note and a syringe next to his body. He was killed by a drug overdose.
The note explained everything that had happened throughout the course of all those months. The beatings, the insults. He had asked for mine and my friend's forgiveness in that note.
All of that ended about 6 months ago. Throughout that time, my friend and I became closer. She helped me pick up the fallen pieces that once made up my confidence. We went to counseling together and we are now ready to face a new school year side by side.
mcrlegacy mcrlegacy
16-17, F
Aug 22, 2014