The Best Feeling

My hubby & I were chatting earlier on and he said he really loves me, I am trustworthy, caring and all the good stuff a woman loves to hear.  I know, I am loved by the most amazing man on earth and being loved by him makes the world better for me which is the best feeling ever.  I am LOVED yay!!!  :)
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4 Responses May 28, 2011

LOL @ dockedwards. I do post lots and I also try responding as much as possible cause I don't want anyone feeling neglected. There's little times, I do not reply. ;) I always rate the person's comment though.

u do post a lot but it seems that u respond to virtually every comment. it's very much appreciated. :)

Aww, thank you dockedwards. :)

it is so wonderful when two people make the right connection. congratulations!