Another Boil On the Butt of Humanity

O'Reilly, Paris, Dr Phil, Vick and Coulter... Are ALL GIANT BAGS OF MONKEY ****...

These people are the reason gladiator games should be brought back

There was an ancient Roman torture of having the victim ****** by baboons...

If it were possible I would pay REAL money to see one or all of the above get subjected to that custom.

Allthough the poor baboons would have to be put down after they had to suffer the trama

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Dasmuggler - I totally agree with you and THANK YOU for giving me the biggest, gut busting, tears streaming down my face laugh I've had in ages! <br />
I don't know what's funnier, monkey **** or the baboon *******! Ahhhhh!

In October of 2004, the words “loofa” and “falafel” were mainstreamed into our sexual vocabulary. To the shock of some, and to the entertainment of millions, religious right Bill O'Reilly was accused of sexually harassing coworker Andrea Mackris with explicit phone conversations that were allegedly taped. Besides the use of loofas and falafels as sex ob<x>jects, Bill O’Reilly had also revealed homoerotic desires to use vibrators on himself, fantasies of explicit Caribbean vacations, and a desire for Ms. Mackris to perform oral sex on him, but not finish. He also revealed some disturbing news about what Fox News was planning to do to Al Franken. The reason people were fascinated with this story is the same reason they are fascinated with Rush Limbaugh’s drug use, Matt Drudge’s allegedly gay affairs, and the penisification of underage boys by anti-gay activist and idolized Republican Mark Foley: we love exposing hypocrites! Bill O’Reilly has used his highly rated program, The O’Reilly Factor, to criticize sexuality in the media. His favorite targets have been rapper Ludacris, Janet Jackson, **** stars, and all the other “immoral” Hollywood stars. The only Hollywood star whom he constantly praises (or at least used to praise) is Mel Gibson, the director of the anti-Semitic Passion of the Christ. The fact that Mel Gibson was going to turn Bill O’Reilly’s soft-**** epic Those Who Trespass into a movie certainly helped.<br />
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On October 28, 2004, O'Reilly and Mackris reached an out of court settlement, and dropped all charges against each other. It was widely rumored that O’Reilly paid Mackris close to ten million dollars to “shut up” and destroy the tapes. The fact that the story disappeared from the media soon afterwards remains a mystery that people should question.<br />
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If the media was as liberal as conservatives claim it to be, this case would not have disappeared so quickly. Did O’Reilly pay media outlets to “shut up” just as he did with Andrea Mackris? Was the media too afraid to go after O’Reilly, who is given almost the same status of Jesus Christ among right wing fundamentalists? Did O’Reilly’s lawyers stop the media from doing any more damage? The Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky scandal lasted years after the hearings, which backfired on conservatives. Dan Rather is still dogged by his mistakes which happened two and a half years ago. Even though Michael Jackson was acquitted of child molestation charges, the case still dogs him two years later. It seems quite odd that Bill O’Reilly’s matters suddenly “disappeared.” <br />
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And for the record I'm not a Democrat either I care nothing for Hilary Clinton who is as big a hypocrite as Oreilly himself.<br />
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Since I made this post as entertainment to my circle and I am freely expressing myself and my viewpoint then perhaps it might be prudent if you didn't choose to read my stuff if this is not to your liking

Actually I don't watch any of them since I am not interested in either political rhetoric I wouldn't watch O'Reilly if my nuts were hooked up to a car battery and his show was the only way out.<br />
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I posted this BASED on the EXPOSURE OReilly had DONE to himself. The guy is a walking talking douchee bag with his head so far up his own crack since thats his favorite smell

I think O'Reilly puts himself where the one foot he doesn't have in his mouth allows him to hop to. When Oberman and Maddow get caught in a sex scandal and insult charity events and make more blind random tyrates that bite him on the *** and he is forced to backdown as he has on MANY occations then I will. For now I will have the fond memory of **** Star Jenna Jameson not only outclassing the guy but holding her own and verbaly stomping on him

At least Keith and Rachel can discuss and debate like adults. O'Reilly just keeps telling his guests to "shut up". Classy.

I'm with you on the putting the baboons out of their misery. However, could we add a few more things to the torture? Like a public stoning?