Why Do I Prefer Black Men

I like men, all men. Well there are some exceptions cause they are or constantly act like butt-holes.

I prefer black men.

For me there is just something about a black man that drives me to them.

I guess culturally, we can relate. We are both from big families, get togethers always includes 3rd and 4th cousins and aunts and uncles and the like.

Also, we like fried foods and I mean deep fry not some PAM version.

Then there is the way that we interact. We both are open, direct, humble, and we have with sense of humor.

I guess even the way we love ... being/wanting hard and intense relationships. Plus the way we make love, which is uninhibited.

We also share a compassion for others, guess that has to do with our being so into family and being God fearing.

So, whether they are thug, conservative, or a combination of both, or have light or dark skin ... they all possess the ability to stir my insides. I can respect their direct approach to matters/situations in life. I also appreciate their courage to step to a woman and speak to her, not at her.

I guess it comes down to their approach to life as it is synchronous with mine.

These are the men I have know through out my life. Yes there have been exceptions but this type of man is the rule rather than the exception.

Do I prefer black men? I most certainly do. It is a preference but is in no way set in stone. I prefer cantaloupes over honey dew melon but it doesn't mean I'll never take a bite out of a honey dew melon either. 

Josie06 Josie06
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1 Response Jul 22, 2010

Yes, in a few movies. Not too bad either.