Obama And The Progressive Socialists Versus Conservatives.

What does it take to be a Conservative? Let's see...Common Sense, Logic, and a higher IQ? Yes those are a few requirements. That and the ability to view both sides and facts of a topic and come to the correct conclusion without the use of personal idealistic stupidity.

Right now there is a crisis. Our United States of America IS under political assault from Progressive Socialists. I don't know how many of you remember how TERRIBLE an idea Socialism and Communism is, so you better read some history before you come in HERE arguing about either of them.
We are being turned into a Socialistic country by the controlling Progressive Socialists. There are no longer any real liberal democrats. They are almost 100% "Progressives". If you're wondering about a Progressive you need to do a little more historical reading. Early 20th century Progressives(Hillary Clinton described herself as that) were EVIL people intent on a NIGHTMARE on the public.

Yes...just take you..just take you and put you in front of a board of politicians and ask you "Why should we let you live? What good are you doing for society?" . Those are words from a Progressive.
Rom DeadFish Emanuel was very early quoted in an interview about how everyone 18 and up would soon have to go through 3 months Military Basic Training. Its on video for any disbelievers. Talking about how we needed a "Civilian Homeland Defense Force" ...kinda like the German S.S. yes? To HELL with that.

With the "Health" Care bill they have instituted a method of control. With the Financial Reform bill they have instituted ANOTHER method of control....a virtual nightmare that destroys what this country is. They will be able to look at YOUR credit records whenever they wish..plus quadrupling the amount of political regulators...I haven't even delved into the total evil that this bill will cause. It may very well by itself DESTROY free market Capitalism. I know it WILL help to destroy Capitalism which IS this country. WE ARE A FREE CAPITALIST COUNTRY/REPUBLIC. Maybe I should have said "WERE". You're not seeing the impacts yet no. By GOD YOU WILL THOUGH ALL OF YOU NO MATTER WHAT BELIEFS YOU HAVE.

So what does he have left as a CONTROL bill. Cap and Trade/TAX ...which would immediately effect every single citizen in this country in the pocket book...and other detrimental ways. They've done this $HIT in Europe already and it's a JOKE. It's a nice contribution to their terrible economies due to socialist regulation and control not to mention the nightmare of social programs. The reason for it is a JOKE. Global Warming is the biggest political TOOL/LIE in history almost. They couldn't use the Jews as a uniting "EVIL" thing that had to be fought, so they CREATED one..Global Warming. The Great Farse. A tool for Progressive use to pass controlling bills on the people.

You won't be able to take a crap without someone knowing it before long..a decade at this rate and we'll be in 1984(the book) if not alot sooner. Not enough people have learned from the MISTAKES of the past...and certain evil and misguided people wish to exploit that ignorance of history.

The news media is a sty of liberal progressive biased information. That includes ABC,MSNBC/NBC,CBS, CNN, PBS, etc. The only exclusion would be FOX news which is why that station is so very popular. Over 50 million people watch FOX and it drives the other LIBERAL BIASED channels insane with hate and anger. Still those without cable must mostly be stuck with the same old three biased channels ABC, NBC, and CBS.
It's so easy to see the bias in them...it's sadly pathetic. Most especially MSNBC. They should rename themselves the National Barrack Channel. They are border line unpaid State ran media.

Watch people. Watch what's happening around you. Don't you shrug it off or you will wake up in a NIGHTMARE in a country you don't even know anymore.
Don't pay their tactic any heed. Their main one is of immediately trying to label someone that has an individual mind and sees them for what they are or has views that are contrary to their beliefs or harmful to their "Chosen" Progressive's reputation(s). It's meaningless. They wish to SILENCE FREE SPEECH. Just watch some of those college speeches by Conservatives. They tend to get shouted down by a bunch of young thug little Nazi socialists that have been brainwashed by their evil ex-hippie teachers. It reminded me of Nazi's watching them shout down those people. Watching them attack people now. Hearing how that black on white crimes regarding voter intimidation will not be even tried in court. Eric Holder's little gift to us. Well Mr. Holder if someone gets in MY way to vote I will not hesitate with my ability to defend myself against anyone that's trying to intimidate me if they dared to try and stop me with physical force. ....they would probably lock ME up if that happened. That's how bad things are just NOW.

If you have not been paying attention to Washington, you probably have no idea what I'm talking about. Get educated before you wake up in the F'ing U.S.S.R.

It comes down to this...
Do YOU know what's best for YOU or does the GOVERNMENT know what's best for YOU? I don't know about you all, but MY government works or should work FOR ME. They do what WE TELL THEM TO DO, NOT WHAT THEY TELL US TO DO. This can all end in a nightmare and the end of this country as we know it and love it if people don't WAKE UP from their slumber of not caring and idiotic liberal idealism.

Some informative(some amusing some nightmarish and evil) videos for all....

Not too far off the mark. Rammstein is amusing at any rate.

Obama Brown Shirts....were have I seen this before in History...

Oh look Yes They Can.... MEIN GOTT!

Pure EVIL at work...

What does Obama think of America?

Obama's "Change" is Socialism..and always has been.


Found this guy on youtube. He's amusing and CORRECT. There is NOTHING racist about being Conservative.

Let's see some more EVIL....These little ******* Nazi's.....this is Obama's Youth SILENCING FREE SPEECH. One of many examples.

Lord Monkton intellectually DESTROYING them at their "Booth" after the Socialist Obama Youth raid....

More of the Truth about what happened from Lord Monkton.

I enjoy listening to this INTELLIGENT bug eyed fellow. lol..  If only I could be as cool headed in the face of foolish idiocy. Lord Monkton totally DESTROYING the Global Warming argument.

More EVIL.. After all how DARE someone ask a relevant question PEACEFULLY? Thus is the difference between Liberal/Socialists and Conservatives. Conservatives don't shout down their opponents like good little Nazi pathetic TRASH. They ask politely and this is what they get for it....

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4 Responses Jul 26, 2010

What? Your crazy man. Everything that a conservative stands for will jus move us backwards. Conservative policies benefit the elite few and the privileged. If your not born into a rich family try going to school. You will be up to your ear in debt from loans the conservative profits from war. That's why our military budget is so high. They exploit the poor, by taxing the hell out of them to fund the military and full their pockets when we could cut our budget in half and fund education, healthcare, eliminate poverty. In my eyes and most of America it is the conservatives that are destroying this country by feeding people lies about socialism. Eventually if we don't change america will be compare to feudalism where the aristocracy is the rich 2% and the peasants are the poor 98%.

A balanced budget -- now you're talking tea party. When did either Bush offer a balanced budget?<br />
<br />
The only thing conservatives want to conserve is their wallet. Try looking at Brazil as the type of country they want.<br />
<br />
Ding Dao

Hmmm . . . that must be why the "liberal" voting areas across the USA are also the areas of highest education level, AND income per capita . . . yep, that's it. <br />
<br />
Do some research, to be a liberal, you have to think for yourself, be open minded, inclusive and want to help others MORE than you want to help yourself. It takes sacrifice, and determination and isn't always easy. <br />
<br />
Being a conservative right winger just means you get to go with the flow, and let others do the thinking for you . . . seems pretty easy to me. The unfortunate truth is most conservatives think that the "news" on fox is real (laughable), that the major media outlets tell only the truth and that the religious right actually CARES one iota about you or your needs. <br />
<br />
It's unfortunate that by the time you all wake up and realize the reality that we live in it may be too late for you and the rest of us along with you. . . . it's always easier to go with the flow, it takes a person with integrity, intelligence and fortitude to go against it.

may your health insurance company drop you. DD