A Beautiful Journey Home....

I believe death is a special journey. Life is a path, death is the final destination.  My mother feared death more than any person I have ever known. Many of us do. It’s the path we all eventually travel but one that is feared a lot. For so many of us- death is a great unknown.
I want to believe that with death comes a beautiful journey home to see all those I loved that have gone before me, to celebrate life and love with them. This too is what I wish for my mom.  She was a spiritual woman and believed in eternity with her heavenly father.
When it is my time to leave this earth, I hope I will die smiling, laughing and loving..knowing without a doubt the fear will be momentary but the journey I am on will be beautiful and I will truly be going home.
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Marcus101- :)


You are very welcome softkitti :) ...I enjoyed writing it, it reminded me of my mom.

I read this and got a knot in my throat , I want to believe the same .. I always have .. thank you so much for posting this truly *hugs snowbunny *

Thanks Pixie :)