I Am Demonic....

How many of you know, truly know, the difference between demons and other etherial and metaphysical entities? Do you believe and person can be a demon? I find most people have no clue. they even think angels can always be trusted
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Dont you think god screens his servants??

I don't believe "God" to be infallible or in any way perfect even

with my experiences I am starting to tell the differents, hell I tend to draw them out sometimes.

LOL I totally agree with everyone else! I'm unaffected by peer pressure, I swear!

Demons are creatures born from a world created from those that wanted free will, angels are not always good but are rather just servants of God, and servants can be questionable.<br />
<br />
That's all I'll say.

I gotta say i'm with Flagg here. I know enough to get by with, probably more than most but i suppose in different areas i guess.

I believe that I have enough understanding to understand some of the differences, though I would be hesitant to call myself an expert. I also believe any self willed energy being can choose to be incarnate and live as a human or any animal.