Trying To Find Out The Name Of This Demon

I was "visited" by a demon a few years back. I just wanted to see if anyone had seen something similar. My sister and her son were visiting us and out in the living room watching tv at about 11:15 am. I had just had my baby a few months before. I went to the bedroom for a minute to lay on the bed because I wanted to get away from the noise. As soon as I layed down, I saw this really tall "thing" standing in my closet. I tried to hop up and get out but I couldn't move and I couldn't speak to call my sister for help.
It was about 8 or 9 feet tall, gray skin, hunched over, thin but muscular, very big hands with REALLY long fingers and two thick horns that looked like ram horns going backward in a circular motion against the back and sides of it's head. It had a long face and what looked like hooved feet that hinged backward like flamingo legs.
I was really really scared and kept looking at my body trying to make things move. It just stood in the closet laughing at me. I kept praying the Our Father since I grew up Catholic and that was all I could think of. It just kept laughing and said "You think that's going to help you?" and I just kept praying over and over and then it just disappeared. After that I got up and was really freaked out but was too...nervous I guess to tell my sister in case she would think I was wierd or something.
I just wanted to know if anyone else has seen something like this and if so, what is it?
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Are you seeing it again? I am from Korea but saw the same exact creature when I was at 8 or 9 yr is demon and the destroyer... Jesus's only could protect me from it... I'm not to convince you anything it is just my experience... and the only one solution.

I have seen this demon also. It's name is Beast. It's a water spirit (do you maybe live near a lake or well?) If you want it to leave, claim Matthew 16:18. "For I am Peter, I have established my church upon the rock, and the gates of Hell WILL NOT PREVAIL AGAINST IT."

About an year ago i had this dream where i was in my living room and the lights were off and i could see some kind of horned shadow in front of me.It's horns weren't curled behind it's had like many others have said but were like Scrimshaw Bullock Horns .Anyway the light gets turned on and instead of the horned creature was a man with gray hair.He was my neighbour.Next morning my mum woke me up and said she had to go and help the neighbour because her husbant was dead.It's crazy because the man wasn't even sick.His last word was "water".I haven't seen the creature again but i have seen my cousins hamster ,which she named harry by the way(1D fan),die.Two days later she send me a message saying that her hamster was dead and she had no idea why. I've never believed in demons,spirits or even God but this scares what do you think was this just an accident?

I heard many people die leaving a word "water"...too. they probably go to a place with no water... Believe in God. There sure is God and he will protect you.

I have seen something like that. All I really could focus on was the face cause it was right in front of me but it was evil and did have horns just like you described. It sucked all the energy out of me and I went into psychosis for about 2 years and was hospitalized for awhile. I have never experienced the true meaning of fear. I literally dropped to my knees when I saw it and then it was pure chaos, I prayed my *** off for a long time and finally gave up. God must have heard me though cause I finnaly pulled out of it.

Sounds like an evil spirit, now In the bible catholic bible there are descriptions of a bunch of demons ...i would look into it and find out which demon it is. Be careful if its communicating with you it could very well easily posess you, it sounds like you have already been under attack. God bless Julie.

His name is Daxter. How do I know this? Because he possesses the girl I love. He haunts my dreams. Iv seen his form described exactly as you put it. You gave me goosebumps. He is the cause of hell in my life at this very moment. I hate every aspect of my life because of it. Its presence has caused me to be able to hear the thoughts of the people around me but more extensively the mind of the girl I love. Iv talked with it and it is not go at all. I warn you strongly of this demon. He does not mean well.

This demon attacked me in my dreams, I have a two week old son. I don't know his name but I'm going to kick his ***. In the dream I was holding my son then his hand came out of no where. Pulled his hand it felt real like a burning in my chest. I think he is try to come out of hell. Anyway I went a head jump into hell to kick his ***, if he shows up again I'm just going to destroy him, he ran away like a wimp. Its not the first demon I beaten up. I had a ran in with the demon with many arms unfortunately he took a live from my hometown. He's very possessive over male dominated figures "fathers" or head of the house. The family claimed to be Christian but ask for the male to give up his spirit. The night before they murdered their daughter I was approached by the demon with many arms in my dream. I had a reapers blade and cut some of his arms off. I guess each arm controls person possessed.

I know that I am years late on this but felt the need to also ask if any could identify this spirit or demon? Just last night I walked into my home and witnessed a shadow moving from one room to another. Upon occasion my mind has been known to run wild, but something told me that when this happened it wasn't my imagination and to be mindful of my surroundings. Sure enough, I walked further into the house and saw this "shadow" standing in a corner. It was tall with a slightly hunched back and extremely long fingers. It never took solid form but seemed to be content with just remaining a shadow.

I immediately let me husband know that something was with us in the house then proceeded to calmly pray in hopes it would go away. Didn't work. Finally I flipped open the bible to a random scripture and started reading. Didn't take long for it to go away after that.

I'm curious on any information someone may have on this particular demon. I'm not into opening myself to spirits or inviting them in. I'd simply like to know the background of something who decided to visit my home. Being pregnant, I feel as if I constantly need to know what I'm up against.


It is demon and the destroyer... Believe in God and Pray him for protection...Jesus was the only answer for me...You say the name, Jesus and it will get scared and go away. I saw the exact same thing and it done very horrible things in my life... I've lived in a miserable life since I've seen it but Jesus's was the only stopper...this is solely from my experience...

This very same thing (or something very similar) visited my fiance and I. All of your desc<x>riptions match, I only have one thing to add. It had yellow eyes.

You do not need to know the name of the Demon and should never say a Demon's name out loud.I have had similar experiences quite often.Rebuke the Demon in name of Jesus and it will leave.It may return and you may need to continue rebuking it.If you have opened the door to Satan in some way...spirit boards, going to psychics for example you need to turn away from those activities and close that door immediately.

You people have obviously never been possessed. A "real demon" has power. I wasn't even aware of demons and spirits when I was possessed. Its a brutal experience. I once believed as you do it "can't hurt u if u don't let it"
Total wishful thinking. Use the lords prayer every night.

Our father lord in heaven hallowed be thy name, our kingdom come thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven, give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us, and lead us not into Temptation but deliver us from evil, for yours is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory forever and ever, amen

Memorize it, say it aloud each night befor bed. This works take it from one who was possessed and almost hurt the person dearest to him. God bless. And keep faith

A shade come from the void, trying to tempt you to fear. No worries so long as you know in your heart it can do nothing to you unless you give it the authority.

You really want a name for it? Next time its there, say "In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, who are you?" But really, the "Our Father", aka The Lord's Prayer, probably did help, contrary to what that thing said. I have heard of one like it before, with the ram horns. As for what it is, I think its a demon.

But wait. No matter what its name is, don't buy into the "High-level" crap. No demon has any power unless someone gives it power. I had something try to mess with me, I think it was a demon, but once I got it in my head that it couldn't hurt me, it couldn't. The media likes to portray demons as strong entities, but in reality, they can't do much without confirmation that you fear them. Not as sure on the devil, but its possible to even drive that one away if you see through the lies.

Satan was created the most powerful angel in heaven, when he fell to earth he did not lose that power.If you open the door to Satan he can and will harm you.It is important to remember that Satan can do nothing without GODS permission and at times the Lord will give permission for a person to be attacked.There are many ways Satan can do this.He is cunning and the great liar.Satan goal is to destroy as many humans as possible.Every Demon has a name and they are not mythical creatures , they are real and they are here and they want to destroy us all.Do not kick the door open to them.Turn to GOD he is our only help.Human beings have zero power to defeat Satan and his legion of demons.Rebuke in the name of Jesus all evil and it will flee.

But sometimes the devil is able to lie and pretend to be holy. Thats the main thing to watch out for, but it shouldn't be hard to tell.

There is no real name for them. I call them Golems because they hold open portals to the other side and only into darkness. This is also why they are typically mistaken as the Devil. Because they can open very dark portals that let in all sorts of nasty entities. The thing about these fellows is they tend to be far more corporeal when they appear then other entities because they literally walk between the plains of existence. He really wasn't threatened by your presence but your prayers stopped him from opening his portal and that was a very lucky thing.

This sounds something similar to what I have seen. Except, I have never seen a demon in solid figure like you have. I have seen them take the form of trees, piles of branches, leaves, and other nature. I knew that what I was seeing was a demon because of the internal feeling that i felt at the time. Fear, paralyzed, taunted, and alone. I could hear this demon laughing at me, making fun of my weaknesses.. A demons only purpose is to scare people. This is a real happening, but does not happen to everyone.. Demons can be classified as many entities. A demon feeds off of weakness and tries to mentally or physically toture the weak. This has happened to me many times, but mostly when I was a young girl. My best advice if that happens to you is to not show any signs of fear, order it to leave you alone under the command of god, and let it know that you are not afraid. If a demon laughs at you, laugh at it back. Always be fierce, and keep praying. Most likely, the demon is more afraid of you than you are afraid of it. They are weak creatures that are slaves to evil forces. Don't fear them.

There is abit of an issue with that. The bigger part would be many spirits tend to look a specific way to each individual. Sometimes its ba<x>sed off of an attempt to create a specific emotion, and sometimes its a reaction of our mind attempting to "rationalise" a being with a body that doesn't totally exist on this plane.<br />
<br />
I believe beings like that were once more elemental, so to speak. The had a purpose akin to vultures, feed on negative energies and thereby cleaning the presence from the area. I theorise that the extreme ammount of negativity we, as humans, have generated over the years has twisted a portion of these elementals into beings that are Addicted to negative energy, or seek to create their own source of food/power.<br />
<br />
I also find it possible that the use of names has corrupted them. Take the name Baal for example, it was originally a sumerian name for a fertility god. Newer religions have taken the names of the old gods and demonised them. Now it is irrelivent to a deity what humanity thinks of it, but if you start to form a group opinion of a particular Word or Name, it creates a specific effect centered on it. Look at how swear words and slurs are formed, its a similar thought.<br />
<br />
Anyway, I believe that so many of these elemental spirits have been Branded with names (naming the nameless) and by branding them with names we collectivly feel are Negative or "demonic" we have farther twisted these beings into what we're afraid of. <br />
<br />
This is why priests can Have biblical names and attempt to cast out demons and fail. Its not just about the Name, its not about faith in a higher power. Its about faith in Yourself, to be able to know inside that you are stronger then a spirit. I believe that there is next to nothing a person can do to get rid of a spirit if they lack self love and self assurance/faith. It truly makes all the difference.<br />
<br />
<br />
Anyway, there are a literial ton of methods people use to get rid of unwanted spirits. From asking them to leave, commanding in a divine name, burning herbs (sage, sweetgrass, ect), trapping them in gems or runicly marked stones, using energy manipulation to Push them away, the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram, calling on angels or other spirits, helping them achieve peace (for the dead of course), attempting to drain their energy back, and im sure the list Could go on farther lol.<br />
<br />
I find it mildly fustrating that many people don't stop and talk to even spirits like these, simply because even if they woln't cooperate the perspective they have and the time they've existed for Could generate some facinating conversations. <br />
<br />
Anyway. Sorry if im rambling alot, but names are really only important if you Truly know that the spirit you are involved with Is who it says it is. Most names of spirits aren't possible for our tongues to pronounce, thats why older texts on summoning have words by proxy. The idea is to approximate the Vibration that makes up the spirits "dna" sequence. The vibrational "fingerprint" of the being, because such resonation causes sympathy and can be used to either call or force away. Tuning forks and crystal cups lol.<br />
<br />
Im sorry if I can't be more Specificly helpful with what you really want to find out, but I hope i've rambled enough that you can get some interesting thoughts if nothing else. Feel free to message me if you wanna politely debate or anything, I relish the oppertunity to discuss random things of occult nature :)

Thank you, this has been a great reply that answered some of my own questions too. You should share your knowledge like this on a blog too!

I'm aware of the entities that manifest as energy but this "guy" actually appeared. Unwelcomed, I might add. What is even stranger is that the people in our house were hard core born again Christians which seems all the more risky for that demon to actually appear in the house. I can safely say that my son's father was very volatile and surrounded by all sorts of negative energy and was constantly in dubious company in places where lots of bad things happen so it may have been drawing energy from him. However, if you could share a link or a site where I might be able to view a picture of what I saw and figure out it's name I'd really appreciate it! Thanks!

I can't honestly say i've seen a demon look like the caracatures and drawings, like you seem to have. So far even beings i've chosen to interact with tend to manifest as energy, or as sensations.

You are kicking the door wide open for evil to come into your life and harm you greatly if you choose to interact with a demon.Please do not make that foolish mistake.Demons do not want to befriend you it's only goal is to destroy you.I have the ability to see demons.I see them frequently wherever I go, I completely ignore them and for the most part they ignore me.