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Demons Or Demons

One is fear of the unknown, the other is real and scary as the chupacabra shown and my cute little kitty when the weather changes.

7meditations 7meditations 36-40, M 5 Responses Apr 27, 2008

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you ever met a real supernatural? in the flesh, so to say, not just mental?

It's been said that everyone has a guardian angel. It's a nice thought, but I've never seen him or her. It doesn't stop me from trying.

Not only are they real, some of their number were worshiped thousands of years ago as gods before the birth of christ. The word demon was once used to mean a "teacher" of sorts, back when humanity lived with nature instead of above it.

I know angels and guides are real,seen them alot when I was going into puberty to a late teen.

Thanks you!