My Testimony

I was immersed in witchcraft from a young age and I was fascinated and piqued by the power I could possibly wield from it. I started to delve into it farther when I was about 16 and had my first ouji session with a friend where I gained my first spirit guide. He claimed he was a guardian spirit, an angel if you will... He gave me spells and incantations and instructed that I make myself a grimoire. I came in time to realize that he was in fact a demon. I wanted power over people and to hurt or injur my enemies. I thought I could just get by and use this power under circumstances where I had no power or control. I came to realize I was thirsty for more and more power! I realized that my human spiritual power was limited and I to gain more power I needed to "enslave" the power of demons with the help of my spirit guide Archeron. So he gave me the rituals and sigils to supposedly enslave these entities and I could send them to watch,protect,or literally destroy people I hated. Over time I had amassed many large legions under my command,but it was never enough. The price of the power also grew. I was asked for sacrifices and even my own blood,but this struck a cord in my heart of hearts. When will enough be enough? When will I finally be satisfied and for what price. I knew I had collected quite the debt already. Finally I decided it was not worth it,and realized what my mother had been telling me about Jesus was really all true. I wanted rid of these demons! They tormented me at all hours of the night and put my spiritual body in a graveyard of spiritual death.(you will understand that from my other posts) So I came to pray and ask Jesus what I needed to do. He said I MUST destroy all items I had charmed,enchanted, or used in any and all witchcraft. I had already burned my candles with the sigils of the demons I had enslaved,but to no avail to rid myself of them. I thought I could just skate by using witchcraft without using demons. So after a long while I finally told my mother and sister of what I had been doing. They were shocked to say the least. I told my sister Shana that I needed to use the burn pile at her house to burn everything to smithereens! I did,and the lord Jesus was there to protect me and my family through all of it. I thought all was well until I had to sleep at night. I was still plagued by nighmares and horrible visions. I had to ask Jesus to close all doors I had opened through witchcraft and to completely wash me clean of all my sin. I did and he told me that I would lose all my powers I had gained over the years through the craft. I agreed. He gave me such a peace that I have never felt! Jesus is the only thing in the entire universe who can make you feel whole and complete. I wouldnt go back for anything! He has blessed me in every aspect of my life since and I cannot be more thankful! There is no demon,NO DEVIL that can compare to the FATHER I have through Jesus the king of kings and Lord of Lords! If you are in witchcraft I implore you to stop! Admit that you have sinned in prayer and ask Jesus to come into you and make him the Lord of your life forever. I promise you will NOT regret it! It was the greatest choice of my very existence. I traded my chains in demonic slavery for eternal freedom and life with the GOD of all! Please if you have any questions about the occult and about getting out feel free to message me! I love you and Jesus loves you no matter what you have done!!!!!
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What an amazing testimony! God is GREAT!!! PRAISE JESUS KING OF KINGS!

There are good witches and there are bad witches.


it is SAD******

My brother, You have come so far in your life and especially in your walk with Jesus Christ! We as Christians know that when we are attacked , that we show LOVE, and that the one and only GOD is nothing to argue about because we know that JESUS CHRIST is the only way to GOD THE FATHER!! It is said that the devil has persuaded people in believing other wise! also as constitutional rights we have " THE FREEDOM OF SPEECH" and to choose whatever religion we please! LOVE YOU BRO STAY STRONG!

So having a different belief is of the \"Devil\", is it?

Thank you Christyna!

John 8:12 <br />
<br />
2 When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

That being said. All power that is not of the one true God comes from demons. All witchcraft is of demonic power directly or indirectly. I've studies witchcraft for 16 years and of all kinds and types. I will not stop speaking my mind on my blog ,and if it offends you please feel free to get off my story :)

You haven't studied all kinds then. Most of the kinds I have studied do not come from evil. What you must realize, is that there are over 500,000 religions in the world and an even greater number of gods. Most of those religions give their followers the same sense of peace, love, and safety from evil. Some of them claim that their way is the only way to avoid eternal suffering. They have just as much evidence as you do, which is none. The point is, you have no evidence to prove that any other religion is of "demonic power." To form opinions, such as you have, without evidence is to be prejudiced. Prejudice only seeks to spread suffering in the world, much like these demonic powers you claim. I can list nearly endless evidence to prove this if you like, but surely, you have also studied history.

Religionism is no better than racism. Please feel free to stop being prejudiced. I will not stop pointing out such bigotry for what it is, evil.

Summoning things can be dangerous no matter which religion you are. At the same time, no religion has a monopoly on spreading peace or defeating evil. There are those that practice witchcraft to use it against demonic activity. <br />
<br />
Christians practice a form of witchcraft as well. When a person prays, they are attempting to change reality by invoking their deity, chanting words, and maybe lighting a candle to implement their will. That is not much different than any witch. Yes, be careful when summoning things or opening portals, but don't be prejudiced against other religious beliefs.

I completely agree with this. Thank you for posting this.

WOW that is good to hear that you accepted GOD and his son jesus christ in your life may he forever bless you :)

Yes I am indeed a slave to freedom in Jesus Christ!

and thus the cult of christianity has enslaved yet another innocent

I was originally attracted to paganism NOT because of "the power I could weild" or whatever, but rather the understanding I would gain about the world around us. I have come to believe that demons and other negative entities exist, but do not believe they are caused by people who find affinity with nature rather than a deity (be it or not that they believe a deity exists in nature). I understand that there are people that are so negative that they can attract or even unknowingly manifest negative beings that are autonimous of themselves and therefore can wreak havoc on others. I do not believe that things can 100% be classified in a theologic box, but I do believe that there are things out there that we have a duty to banish and destroy, regardless of their origin.

Amen the power of Satan pales in comparison with God I recently got rid of a demon in my house which woul scratch my roof,growl, bang windows when I am in prayer at night using the power of our lord.