Demonic Forces

Some people think I'm lying or that it's weird. But I have seen and heard a lot of weird things. A couple of examples: I have seen demons more than one time. One was pitch black, no face and over six feet tall. I have heard my name being called by an unseen entity in a creepy deep voice.
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I have too seen demonic beings. I have also been possesed and attacked by them they are very real. I agree but itsmore than fear that they feed off depending on what demon it is they feed off of a variety of negative energies. I have done alot of meditating that helps. keep yourself surrounded by positive energies. I am still struggling to keep myself in control its very hard for me.But it does help tohave people to go to and talk toand encourage you.

Some people think I'm a froot loop I believe every thing you say thanks.

ya I know how you feel anytime Im here if you ned to talk. It helps to have people who can relate.

Of course you can talk to me. I had it happen to me day before yesterday again. I felt someone yank my hair.

:) Add me and we can talk if you like. we can share experiencesand be there foreach other

U r added:)

sweet :)


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If you believe in them or if you do not believe in them it has the same answer. Do not allow yourself to fear them and they will hold no power over you, for they are weak without your fear.

Thanks I know.

I'm Chrisitian. So I believe you. I've heard stories and I know myself demonic forces are real.

Thank you. They are as real as Angels are.

True. It would be stupid to believe 1 exists but not the other.

i'm a Christian too:)

That is very true. Like some people believe in Satan but not God. Don't Get it.

I've never had an encounter (dream or real) but yea. Cool to know.

Me too:)

if u encounter a real one... wooooo

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yes, the pitch black entities!!! i have a few in my dream..scariest ******* dream EVER!! and i saw something too...swirling around and around in a cloak...faceless

they frightening as hell... to see them, hear them, feel them..

i had a dream once that i will never forget..that there were two pitch black entities speeding around a curve in the road at like 80 miles an hour. they were about to kill a little boy in the back seat with a really sharp pencil of all things...i saw it happen from my work and i was about to scream for the protection of one of the men i worked with, but i knew that if i didnt get there in time, this little boy would die...i ran out there and almost got to them, but they threw the little boy out of the moving car

woahhhh. That is really creepy. I wouldn't forget it either.

i cannot explain to you the took my breath away..i will never forget

I think I can imagine. Like seeing one right before your eyes. I have seen ugly faced distorted ones to pitch black ones.

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I've encountered some of those entities a couple of times already.<br />
One tried to run directly into me, but for some reason then had to make a sharp turn and disappeared behind our garage. I believe that my wearing a rosary stopped it from coming close as it would have wanted to.

Wasn't it creepy?

Certainly it was, but I've realized that none of them ever was willing to or able to come near me. They either were far away or had to change course when attempting to near me.

And unlike many people who say they see things from the corner of their eyes for a split-second, I saw them head-on and observed them and their movements for a while.

Me too. I seen some really tall some short. Some with horrifying features like out of a scary movie. One just stood there looking at me as to figure our what to do. People may say its cheesy or something but I called on Jesus and it disappeared.

As a Saint once said: there is no reason for us to fear demons since we can make the whole of hell tremble by simply saying the Lord's Name.

I've heard that before my mother is religious and she tells me not to be afraid because I'm covered by the blood of the Lamb.

One ought not to fall under the mistake of presumption though.

I don't take it for granted or put myself purposely in harm's way thinking oh yeah I'm protected I can do whatever I want. All Things are possible. I'm not.

Wise ;)

Why Thank you;)

more beautiful and true words have never been spoken! Even the devil believes there is a God, and shudders.

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I have thankfully not seen or heard a demon, but I know they exist. The Bible talks about demons so they are real. I'm just so thankful that I have not yet seen a demon.

Yeah. Because its kind scary. No lie. You would be spooked.

I know I would. I get freaked out every time my cats knock something over. Hearing a demon would scare the crap out of me.

Hell yeah it would. bein rode by a witch is too

Being rode by a witch? Have you been rode by a witch?

yeah its really sleep paralysis u cant move.


it is..

you mean, sexually? like a succubus?

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