What Are Demons

Demons aren't exactly what people think they are. Most people cannot see them but it doesn't mean they are not real. They start out small they look for your weaknesses. Once they get in then they start to breed and multiply "What a tangled web we weave"A very general example...No one wakes up a drug addict.They start out small, then slowly they need more,they can't make it to work anymore so then they start lying ect. Next thing they know they are in a living hell. Understanding demons is to figure out who satan is. If you want to know if you have a major issue here is a few questions to ask yourself. Hell always runs in circles and it doesn't make any sense.If you keep doing the same stupid things over and over and it doesn't make sense why you keep doing it you know you have them bad. Once they get in that deep they are very hard to get rid of
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Demons are fallen angels. However they love to masquerade as something else often less sinister than what they really are. Their power is deception. They prefer not to break down doors but walk right in through open ones.

sadly, most are sleep on spiritual warfare.