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i am in over my head on this one ... i have a good friend who has come to me with a demon problem and i have had next to no luck geting rid of it ... i have grown up in a family of speritual warriors an have been fighting demons from the age of 10 but this one has surpassed anything i have encountered before it leaves abrasions on her skin and honts her dreams . it afects everyone in the house and has some form of command over lesser demons. i know this cuz it has sent shades to my fellow group members who have tryed to help me ... it has yet to leave despite the numouris blessing and wording atempts i managed through my spiritual meditation to hold it at bay for a time but it is now becoming to much for me to handle ... please this is not a joke i need help with this but i causion you i can not say if it will affect you for helping me or not so please be carefull if you wish to help
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Some spirits are too strong for any mortal such as yourself. The only quick true way to rid of the spirits forever is to call upon God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit for protection. Tell the spirit it has no control over you or your property because The Lord is protecting you. Works for me every time! Good luck!!!

If you label it demon, it must means y'know how to destruct them from the 'others'. Especially if it were 'Entitied" type.
I worn you on these levels. You not only need, phyiscal imbodiedment of health, spiritural power, area leveling. and meditation. You also need your soul, spirits help.
There are many ways to fight off a demon. There are dream inceptions. There are dream battles, and there are dream Demon toss; you cannot in a demon toss, unless you can over power him with... I'm not sure what it's called.
However, there is a word that your spirit needs. Your astral. It's called 'Rankth"...! If the demon over powers your spirit, you cannot win. No matter what the numbers. However, if you do win. There are demons who have specially riturals that brings them back from 'death' or quick healing from 'wounds'.
Careful, it's easy to take ones soul. The spirit is different from the soul. Careful, careful.

you need someone stronger then the elements they serve. your very fear about losing has allowed them to defeat you before you started. you must be as adaptive as water, and as solid as stone before you can fight a beast. I'll try to help you if possible, you say you have a group? I can be the funnel with which to launch the attack on this being. strike first and strike hard, give it reason to fear you.

You know who wrote the bible or the demonology books. A man did.. You know how you control people ? Scare tactics ... Space and energy that's real there is only what your mind creates because your lack of knowing the truth leaves a huge gap and your creativity fills it in with things that you feel like you can understand.... People are scared of what they don't understand the people who are in power know this

Y'all the only thing that's real is science and numbers all is one.... The earth and the first civilization is far far far older than the Christian or catholic beliefs of demons or heaven... Positive and negative thAts real... Skitzos and epilepsy and drugs are real not teeth baring wolves or red men with pitch forks

What exactly have you tried so far? My husband was being attacked so I gave him a small amulet and put a protection rune in his phone and it worked. I have other suggestions but I'd like to know what you've already done.

the name and seal are still undetermand at this time and i dont belive this is a knowen demon amung the cathiloc hierarcy for demons i can conferm it is of a soldier type with command statis and above a level 6 in the wiccan religion this is what it has done .... adrasions on skin horifying graphic melicious night terrers moving objets as big as a bed despatching lessers to those who directly interfier with it causing mood chainges in the ocupints of the house adapting and overcuming spiritual protective barriors

your lack of knowledg is truly amazing you know that.... i hope the real war begins in our life time so you will have the chance to learn your true fact about such things for your levle of ignoraunts will be your falling in the day of your passing

i know for a fact that trestis has done more than enough reserch and that it a deamon with alot of power over other deamon and shades as trestis previously stated. he has bin doing this since he was 10 (in public school) regardless what age u think would a "proper age" for this kind of thing. your incapabilty to understand what we are up against is astonishing. he asked for assistance not critisim. now this deamon has sent shades to my place and yet another friends place while speaking about this deamon. and made him unable to hear what we had bin saying. i am wiccan and have put coral around my house and numerious different protection methods to keep us safe i assure you this is real... any advice would be great....

Please tell her to say "Om shri hanumate namah" 108 times every morning, noon and at dusk!
She will be portected from all negativities!!!