Real Things Pretending to Be Fragments of Imagination!

I was reading through the posts and can identify with many of the different occurances that people are describing.  Night Terror and Sleep Paralysis seem to be very common as well as Out of Body experiences.  I have experienced all of the above.

The first time I encountered a demon it came to me looking like myself.  I was around 10 years old in my bedroom.  I saw myself sitting in the top dresser drawer feet overhanging and crossed (looking very relaxed) bearing a massive grin.  The demon told me to kill my brother and my mother.  I was scared, and of course didn't even consider doing it, I didnt tell anyone this for a long time.  I burried it.  I am willing to bet I would have been commited, so I am entirely glad to have remained silent.  My mother was a violent woman..and my brother is a habitual liar.  I have since broken all connection with my mother and have only a little communication with my brother. (who also complains that he is tormented by something).

What seems to be the case here is that everyone that deals with these demons has been exposed to religion, I was raised Catholic as a child.  The problem of religion is the amount of suffering that it causes.  I am inclined to beleive that what we know as demons is a result of the atrocities commited in the names of God and Jesus. I have also read some convincing work that shows that the Vatican is a haven for some of the most evil beings on this planet.  New pope?  Can anyone not see that the head of the church looks absolutely diabolical?  Is religion to blame?  Are we not sheep, is the church actually giving the demons something to feed on? US!?

Here are some of my experiences.  I have been woken by voices,  I have seen false reflections of myself.  I had a light switch flicked off, i was a good 10 feet away, the switch is in a stairwell and no one home other than me...this actually happened today, and due to it being physically and scientifically impossible I searched and found this many of the entries and decided to speak up.  I had a grey but otherwise middle aged woman in a dream tell me something incredible, she stated I would not remember when I woke (and I don't).  She was holding a fetus with it's eyes and mouth sewn shut.  I was emailing a freind recently and heard laughter, I looked up and for a split second...and I mean incredibly breif, I saw a tall shiny black contorted absolutely hideous demonic form wearing womens lingerie!  Absolutely horrified me, It sounds much less horrific as I type it.  It affected me so much that I actually said out loud, you didnt just see that, that cannot exist.  But I heard it and I saw it.  (about 3 weeks ago)

For a long time I used to witness shadows cast by nothing, they looked like tentacles sort of, at first they didnt cause fear, they seemed rather peaceful until after years of seeing it oneday I saw the 'whole picture".  Giant insect like beings mating! Absolutely disgusting!  They could span entire ceilings and walls, worse yet, they connect these shadow like tubes.  I dont know if they are feeding us something or extracting something, maybe draining us.  I also cant see much relating to it in any scripture.  I stopped seeing them a while ago.  They either left, or I lost the ability to see them.

I realize how insane what I am stating here sounds.  I realize that this is the kind of thing people in psychewards babble about, but I am not in a psycheward.  I have a job, a fiance, a child on the way, I am an active musician, I eat healthy and own a home. 

If anyone knows, and can avoid getting too bloody religious in refference, I would like answers.  I wont visit a psychic because so many people are a sham.  I am not stepping foot into a church because I honestly believe they spawned all this madness.  I'm starting to think that speaking to a shaman with actual native blood might be a good place to start.


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We are people of flesh and blood. That is why Jesus became one of us. He died to destroy the devil, expel, who had power over death. Since therefore the children partake of blood and flesh, he also, in like manner, took part in the same, that through death he might annul him who has the might of death, that is, the devil;

Sleep Paralysis happens when you sleep lying on your back...

I would say, why not have camera's around and a microphone and make your own website broadcasting live for us to see what you see?

from what you describe, your experiences, and your mother's abuse, i wouldn't at all be surprised if you had childhood schizophrenia. or perhaps some other mental flip in order to make sense of the abuse you suffered. the fact that your brother is a habitual liar and also thinks something's after him could explain a genetic trait in your family for psychological disorders. as for religion being the problem i almost entirely agree, almost. many religious people dont seek out psychological help when it's needed most, such as the case of Andrea Yates. though religion sets out life guidelines for the better, people often take it the wrong direction and spread abusive, oppressive damage to themselves and family. i am not just saying it couldn't be demons, just something for you to consider. if you had spoken out, then you may have gotten the help you needed at the time. your life could have been improved. psych wards aren't hollywood. dont believe the crap you see in the movies. however if it is purely demonic again your abuse and possible mental psychosis vulnerability could leave you wide open as a target for malevolent spirits.
it is a lot to endure and consider.

I think that you never had any proper religious education whatsoever. You wallow in philosophical and theological nonsense.

I think you are right about your observations about the Vatican and the church. If you are still a part of EP send me a message and I will tell you all about it. I do have a native american background and I can point you in the right direction but in this instance I wont post it where all the world can see. :)

yup people seem to mix these experiences with religion an awful lot, im not that religious myself and god is not the first thing that pops into my head when i see weird things its usually "Thats not right, run" ive seen dark figures and your average ghost, unless im hallucinating but i dont think i am:/

yup people seem to mix these experiences with religion an awful lot, im not that religious myself and god is not the first thing that pops into my head when i see weird things its usually "Thats not right, run" ive seen dark figures and your average ghost, unless im hallucinating but i dont think i am:/

No,you're not the only that has seen things like this,me too,not like yours different types,it's strange right...

Maybe it would be helpful for you to read M. Scott Peck's book titled "Glimpses of the devil". It was very insightful. I have never ever, and hope to never come close to experiencing the horror that you have gone through. I am sorry that you have been victimized. Scott offers that it is his belief that there are many many people who are possessed. You don't sound possessed, but at the very least you are being harassed. I am glad that you have successes. Keep honest. You say some amazingly forward things about the catholic religion, vatican, etc. I admire your courage to voice those things. It is possible indeed, that there are some very evil people out there. But for a reason that I fail to understand, religion and politics are very touchy subjects with people, I guess I'm not "people", because to me, the exploration of truth and experiences is the most fascinating thing. A privilege exclusive to human beings. I wish you well. I am so glad that you have made a definite distinction between religion and Truth. One has NOTHING to do with the other. <br />
Sincerely,<br />

There's always a possibility you have a small tumor that's pressing a part of your brain, and that's nothing to be ashamed. As for the mental part, there are medications, although they may have bad side effects.