My Bygone Love Lucifer

I’ve dated a Demon in Disguise

He had absolutely NO moral values, cheating was a way of life 24/7/365/35y (he was born with the license to cheat,  and to my amazement he had the brain to match it too), arrogance was his cologne (which attracted the pray like moth to the fire) selfishness was his friend (the only friend who never left him) Temper was the only skill he knew and his restlessness was a hobby.


With all of the above he had the looks to KILL. To add to the list, he was his biggest fan, and believed religion was organized crime. His favourite cliché is “what’s in it for me” and he actually thought he could FOOL me The best thing that ever happened to me was losing him to TRUTH.


I invited him into world for his salvation, but he wanted to build his empire in my Temple


Dark and Light could never co-exist. So when I shined............ he had to go

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I'm sorry your experience with a demon was so bad. But darkness and light co exist every day. And not all demons are like that

light and dark can co-op thats y i exist angels of death kill for peace and order humans dies cuz of us and peace is brought cuz of us and so is ain

I loved this story, well written (:<br />
Sorry to hear about your experience tho.

Tasmin & Puck61<br />
<br />
hummmm.........sometimes we have to love people with their demons was bad times yes, but I discovered my own weaknesses and strengths <br />
<br />
It dawned to me that true love and Kindness is when you love someone even when you know that they don’t deserve it<br />
<br />
blessings......<br />

Good writing about bad times.

Sorry to hear about your truck with a devil but LOVE your very original and refreshing style

Oh wilmaaa...<br />
you are absolutely right, i could hug you for saying that,<br />
I'm still saying to myself "what was i thinking” <br />
<br />
DarkWolff,<br />
Nice Avatar, I love Wolves...(specially when they go Awwwww), not so much their tricks though, <br />
thank you so much and glad you liked it...<br /> add to the list, Vengeance was the only LOVE he knew..<br />
<br />
Love and hugs...

wow...what an awsome way to write this story, im very sorry for how he hurt u, but i think uv done a really great peice here :)