I am throwing the term demon around loosely now honestly I don't know what they are.  When I was a kid in the house I grew up in there was a room and in this room it was always colder then it should be but the weird thing was cats would totally freak out and attack the coner..when my mom was a kid she would tell my grandmother that a man with no face lived in the coner..well my brother became very violent and would always fight me and he would always win if my mom tried to break us up he would attack her he moved and became a model son but then I became violent and then I moved my next door naighbor became violent but the strange thing is when it has you it attacks you many nights I would wake up with scrachs on my chest and back and sometimes it even spoke most of the time it spoke when I was preying and it always said the same thing NO! in the most horrable voice you can imagen
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That is some scary ****!!!

Sounds like the classic case

I agree with you Jadekeats 100%

There are dark spirits, then there are demons. Demons I know abit about, though not nearly as much as I would like to. <br />
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Treading carefully, the most acceptable reasoning I have discovered to date is this (though subject to change based on continual research): There is the universe. The great font of energy that connects and creates all things. Prehaps one would call it the God force, the God particles, the Over god ect. This gave rise to creation and even to other gods. The formation of lesser spirits began, spirits of nature and of Essences. Spirits of light and spirits of darkness. Spirits of Entropy and change ect.<br />
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I do not know the full history of angels and demons, though i believe it is Similar to the bible story. Much happened Before the so called fall. Some angels chose to leave heaven or were cast out. Heaven being Specificly the realm angels dwell in, no more no less. These are the Fallen angels.<br />
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Demons became because of them, and other entities of the dark. Some were formed out of the pure dark as angels were from the light, others were shaped or forged by the fallen angels. Or prehaps a mixture of the two. Reguardless there are demons of ancient power to rival the fallen, there are demons of much more humane aspects as well. Insofar as I am aware the fallen would enjoy humanity to fail, because their nature is chaos. Demons in general don't particularily care about our race. <br />
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Angels and Demons have both guided and taught our race. In ages past to ancient Sumer they were worshiped for their knowledge and willingness to teach. The original word that became Daemon and Demon had meant Teacher or Wise one originally. <br />
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I believe alot of true demons have stopped caring about humanity, because we stopped caring about them. We have chosen to pay homage specificly to one side of the coin: angels and light. Even those whom attempt to summon higher powers rarely treat demons well. They are called in chains when angels are invited, is it small wonder why if freed they lash out? Would you not strike back at the person that pulled you from your home, bound you in chains, and proceeded to make demands of you? Respect in all things, not in select things.<br />
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That being said, I do not believe heaven or hell is ment for us. They are homes, planes of being, and whole Worlds for these beings of light and darkness. Our lot is not to intrude there, we live and die and return to the cycle until we have grown enough spiritually to become More. We guide humanity or choose to become Part of the Universe and its energy.<br />
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Personally I feel this makes much more sense then an eternal war of corruption vs enlightenment. It puts the blame square on our shoulders, not whispers from above or below. Gives us more responsibility for our actions and reactions. <br />
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There is so much more to the world(s) then we have drempt of. Yet we are content to trust Words over experiance. I believe in respect to all things, and things done carefully and with respect will work and work well.<br />
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I guess this ends the rant/tangent. If you absolutly must claim im going to hell for my beliefs ect, feel free but please present a rational arguement besides quoting verse and piety. Its all good, but i've heard it before.

I can say that I believe in demons and not ghost. I don't think that God forgets peoples spirits and leave them behind. I believe that those things that look human are the persons familiar spirit that is left on this earth. I believe that God would always protect the people that would believe in the Lord. I also know that God is a merciful God and if you end up playing with this you shouldn't like tempting the demon or devil that God would always help you but God would hope that you would never do it again. It also says in the bible that all the spiritual doors to the evil side must be closed and sealed but as you sin that is an opening for them to come back and they will come with seven more demons or wicked and more powerful then the first.So be careful of what you do. I know from experience.

Yes - demons are real. Originally, I believe from what I read, they were human beings who, after passing through the doorway of death, were adjudged not acceptable to enter the "heaven world", and were forsaken, left to their own devices. There's a long story behind this, which I won't go into right now. These demons, it is true, were able to interact with humans, and spent their time parasitising them for their energies - particularly low emotions such as fear and anger. So they would try to make people angry or fearful, so that they would give off these energies. And humans could not do much to protect themselves, except to cease fearing and giving off the vibes that demons liked (and felt they needed for survival).<br />
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These things were discovered by a South African group, who entered the after-death worlds and found out what was going on there, as it had been carefully hidden for aeons of time. These people decided to liberate the demons from their low estate by teaching them a forgiveness method, which enabled them to leave the demon realms and enter heaven; and then the group used their creative powers and dissolved the demon realms - and made other significant changes to the after-death world.<br />
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Nowadays, they say, there are still demons existing; but they are the demons manifested from each human into their own personal world, consequent upon their fears and other negative activities of mind - so the human will have a chance to understand what their mind is creating for them and learn how to stop it.

I know demons are real even before i ever expeirnced them first hand I beleived in them....but after my expriences i relized how very little i knew what they were capable of they can do allot of things. their extremly powerful but not more powerful then God...and they can attack anyone no matter how good you are!!!!

I love the story in the New Testament about the man possesed with Legion and when he saw Jesus came and begged to not be cast out and then Jesus even had mercy on the evil spirits and let them posses the bodies of the swine. <br />
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It goes to show that they are jealous of our bodies and will even take the body of a pig rather than have no body at all.

I don't believe in demons. I only believe in ghosts.

its not a matter if we do good its a matter of fear and guilt that truly attracts them, the dark in the light is what they see and what they attach to they are feeders of the dark and are needed for our survival. light and dark are the same though opposites.

I believe in the devil and demons. My religion teaches that they are angels who were cast out of heaven for rebellion. They are cowards and their goal is to make us miserable and evil like them. <br />
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I believe it. People who engage in witchcraft and such do encounter powers of darkness. There does appear to be intelligent evil forces at work but they have no power over us if we do good.

good point I have many views on this and it is complex to say the lest I think when something bad happens to a person it opens up a window in which non human dark sprits enter through making the persons life harder and the more bad that happens to you the worse your life gets the point is to make you do something horrable to someone else then they start with that I recomend fallen its an older movie but is plauseable if you buy into god and satan,,I do not yet still believe in demons please if this confuses you ask me it confuses me to but I make sense to me and thats all that matters

I believe indemons. Maybe not literal demons in the sense that some people think of when they hear the word, but,what do people think depression is? I mean it takes hold of our lives and turns us into dark, ugly, shells of our former selves. If that's not a demon then I don't know what is.

yep pentecostal upbringing me too