I Know It...

I know I'm crazy... Do you know it?

drcynic drcynic
26-30, M
14 Responses Mar 5, 2009

Define crazy.... I think we're all a little nutty...nothing wrong with that! ;-)

well sweetie in a yellow shirt. crazy is as crazy does.<br />
have you ever looked after a hamster?<br />

i think we are all a little crazy but glad you let me know!

me me me

yes you're indeed crazy. but a lot of people really like the way you wear it.

Damn right...<br />
<br />
Yet, I'm surprised I'm the only person in this group... Surely, I'm not the only one who knows I'm not nuts, I'm condiments, I've been promoted!

Can't think of anyone else more qualified to spread a little craziness. Normal is boring!

I'm crazy in the crazy way, my dear friend. :D<br />
<br />
Sanity is for the normal.

psh, who needs sanity?

There are no secrets here!!!!

But you didn't ;P

Damnit, I am crazy!<br />
<br />
Of course you wouldn't know since you don't know me... But now you do. :P

We're all a bit crazy in our own way. From what I've read and conversed with you, I think you're a brilliant young man.

Dont know! After all, I don't even know who you are! But technically we are all crazy in some sort of way!