Looking 4 Frends

dear anyone who reads this i am looking for any girl teen baby's in the Bradenton fl area to hangout with they must have parents that are ok with them being a teen baby and are OK with other teen baby's to. also no one else in my family knows I'm a teen baby so if  you do respond you must NOT mention it or anything like ti around my house or family . i do not have any diapers or anything like that at my house so also if you respond you must also ( only if i stay over ) provide diapers or pull ups ( ether one also im about 80 - 86 lbs dose not mater if they are for boys or girls but boys if it is not to much trouble) you will not half to change me ( unless you want to i will change you if you want ) dose not matter if you only walk in diapers around your house ( hopefuly you will not care if i do ether if you doint want me to then that's ok)   if you want to contact me send me a message. hear at ep k  o must be between age 13 - 17 must be a girl ( ps im single) by
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Hi Noahg!

what is a teen baby