So, I Came to My Dad's Last Night.

I spent the night last night.  It took me forever to fall asleep knowing my laptop was in the living room with them.  At one point I noticed that my purse was unzipped.  I couldn't remember if I'd left it open or not.  When I got alone in the bedroom I counted my money.  It was all there.

This morning we were up bright and early.  It costs $10 to get a birth certificate.  Now, all my dad had to do was call my uncle and he'd wire the money immediately, because my uncle is like my substitute father.  But my dad was being weird.  My aunt gave him her debit card to pay for my birth certificate.  My dad was having my uncle wire the $10 as well.  When we got to the place, my aunt's card wouldn't work.  I guess there was insuffiecient funds.

Well, in the car, my grandma's boyfriend loaned my dad $10 until we could get to the truck stop to pick up the $10 from my uncle.  I didn't see the problem.  I mean, we could pay with the $10, repay the old man with my uncle's money, and tell my aunt her card didn't work so we didn't use the money.

It seemed very fishy to me.  My dad is good with words, but I'm no fool to that game.  You can't talk me in circles.  For some reason, he wanted my aunt's $10.  IDK what for.  How much does crack cost??  Don't ask me.  But what happened next made me think that he wanted that money for other reasons.

We stopped at the truck stop to get my uncle's money.  My dad paid for gas.  Now, he was in the truck stop for about 20 mins.  I have a bad feeling, maybe it is just from entire lack of trust (you wanna know where my trust issues come from, well here ya are!), that he called my uncle and asked for more money.

All day long my dad had been talking about stopping at this truck place for a job application.  Suddenly, when him and his gf came out of the truck stop, she said, "Can we stop at my aunt's?  She bought me a gift on her vacation."

My dad said it was okay.  We drove to her aunt's house.  When we got into the neighborhood I immediately thought, we're not going to anyone's aunt's house.  If it is her aunt's, I am 90% sure there is a crack dealer living there.  My dad is good at acting and fooling people.  I could tell he was putting on a show.  "Hurry up in there!"  He told her, and, "Damn Mexicans!", as we sat and waited.

She came out in like three minutes with a pillow case and what appeared to be a placemat.  She said, "My aunt bought me this because she knows I sew.  This thing gets sewed onto the pillow and keeps dust mites out."

Okay, I am not a damn idiot.  First of all, you don't buy someone that as a souvenier.  Secondly, I've never seen her *** sew!  Third, if that was your aunt you haven't seen in awhile you most likely wouldn't run in and out of her house like that.  Maybe, maybe not. 

I don't know what everyone else may think of this story, perhaps I am just set in, "Don't trust" mode, but I am thinking they got drugs.  They ran right to the bedroom as soon as we got here.  So, don't ***** me out about how people aren't born to please me and ****. 


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3 Responses Jun 2, 2009

Oh I could totally tell it wasn't a gift. You know how those cloth placemats look on people's table?? Well she had one of those, an ugly one at that, and a plain white pillow case. You'd think it would be something that had a vacation name place on it. But, she went on about how the placemaat was a thing to keep dustmites out. Bull ******* ****!

a hit of crack can be as cheap as 10 bucks... That being said, I don't think you have an inordinate amount of distrust. I would guess they bought something too and I'm sorry that he did that to you. Though I think they got it at the truck stop, not her "aunt's" unless they met up with two dealers... She probably just grabbed the first thing that looked like it *could* have been a gift. I mean, did it look brand new? tags or a shopping bag? That sort of observation will hopefully help set your mind at ease. You're smart enough to know what they were doing, and I'm sorry that he basically used you for an excuse to get a hit. No one should ever treat their child like that. Keep yourself safe, first and foremost. *hugs*

i am assuming ur dads been into drugs and uv been thru this b4? if so thats why ur watchin and waitin and the stress of all this is like a ticking bomb! all i can say is its not ur responsibility u need to distance urself, u need a break, dont giv him or anyone else the opportunity to steal from you, or destroy your mind. be strong and only support your dad wen you know for sure hes clean, take care