I Seen the Needle and the Damage Done.

The last time I saw him he was sweatin like crazy. Their was a sheen on his face like he'd been sweating for days. His hair looked like he hadn't washed it in a while. All in all he looked like ****." Come on Rick let me barrow a fifty." He pleaded. " Come on man I wouldn't ask if I had any where else to get it." He pleaded some more. Obviously I didn't want to give it to him. A month before he had promised he'd do the detox thing. I had found the Dr. the clinic, offered to drive him and was going to pay. He didn,t keep up his end. So here we were doing that too familiar dance we'd do. Him beggin me. Me begging him to care about himself enough to want to get better. Of course he'd agree with me and make plans to go if I could get him in the following day. But he needed a "dose" to get through the night. So I gave the money to him and he left. I tried geting a hold of him the next day......no luck....rode by where I know he stays sometimes.....not there. So I waited.....and waited. Two more days go by. He called me. " Rick i'm sorry I just blah blah blah blah... " I was to pissed to hear the rest hell I knew what happened. He hooked up with one of his friends with money and....you know the rest. Anyway he was talking and i could hear in his voice he was high. He was almost at the point of nodding. so I hung up. Three days later I get a call telling me he's gone. They tried to revive him on scene with no success. The last time I spoke to him I hung up on him I can't believe that ****. No " I love you man" nothing. I just hung up. His drug of choice was roxies [ the little oxy codone 30s] He fire them up.
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when the night comes i and its to late to score anymore dope i pray that god will just let me die in my sleep so i cant cause any1 anymore pain an so that i wont have to suffer from it any more i wish it would just all go away to awake and it just be a bad dream i know how sad it is to loose sum1 over it but i know the suffering has stoped so they are at ease now

very sad but it happens darlin'... you did try though but there are times we just have to let go. This is a been there, done that for me as well and I miss my friend as well but the monsters were stronger than I.<br />
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Hugs <br />