Is there a pure friendship between a male and female..?
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Yes there is, I have a really close one (: I'm now 19 and I have known him since middle school we have grown really close, we're now business partners and there has never been or happened more than pure friendship is an example worth knowing

you mean platonic?yes there is ....but very tough to uphold as the mind sways

Friendship means both careing for each yeah there can be...having feelings or desires doesn't mean that one cares less about the other...that's nature

The only thing that is pure is a new born

I don't think there really can be, I find it to be nearly impossible to be. We're attracted to the opposite sex, and that's the fault of it being pure friendship. One will become biased towards the other, and it won't work. One will either leave, or you'll both just start dating.

Sure we like happy endings so better to avoid one sided love in those cases)

I have always thought it was possible.

Yes and no. If your best friend is the opposite gender, why the hell you just let her be as friend while you could have her forever.

Right) me also thinks so *_~

But very few people share this opinion I guess ...

Lol. Silly. Having your best friend as your companion, is the luckiest thing

Agree )

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