Everything's Going To Be Fine One Day!!!!!!!!!!!

Things aren't really good in life right now and I worry a lot about my future. I say it a lot, I cry and express it in all other ways as other fellow humans do. However, deep down in my heart there is this voice which constantly tells me that 'everything will be alright one day'. That voice keeps me going through all my rough times. I trust that voice. It fills me with positivity and gives me tremendous confidence.
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4 Responses Aug 5, 2010

Thank you for the refreshing hope and confidence expressed in this story. How very true that God is there in the midst of our tears with a plan to help us through the hard times!

aww...Samreen, thank you and my inner voice thanks you for that and wishes the same for you. May you get the best in life. Take care.

hey~ meena; ........<br />
Everyone has a inner voice that guide us, and encourage us that one day everything will be change , will be better and al our miseries will be gone. Same voice always make me go when I feel hopeless and failed............m sure , one day your life will be best, its my inner voice for you:)<br />
bless you!!

Yes, Christyna. I heart what you've said above. I love God and He loves me, too. I think of Him everyday :) He is the hope and the reason why I keep holding on. Hugs!! Take care.