Genetics Are Underated

Don't know how to really start this....It's my first time posting my feelings for anyone to see. However, this is a topic at the top of my list. My "growing up" family is messed up to the point of bringing humor to their interaction in our lives. My kids are the starting point of what family meant for me, my friends are the root of what my "growing up" family should have been. And now I'm finally entering my childhood at 40 and it's all coming together! wooooo haaaaa!!!! It all really comes full circle.

In proper structure I should frame up the introductory paragraph, but I'm not really proper so we will wing it and just let it flow. I grew up in a household that was disjointed and chaotic. I grew up all over the place. Many ask if I was a military brat, my response is I was a child of a hippy. My siblings left home at an early age, as did I. But before I finally left my mother I learned a valuable lesson about I thought. I lived in many wonderful and beautiful places, often feeling a little disconnected. In my younger years I clung to those that showed me love and attention. Many were great....some just were not.

Fast forward to 19 and finding out I was pregnant. My life changed. I had a chance to break the chain of chaos. A chance to really bring a sense of family and connectivity to my life. I was all in! It's never been the same since. Fast forward again...married her father at 20, had her brother at 21 and scattered their brother at sea when I was 23. Divorced at 25. Life happens fast, doesn't it? LOL

Needless to say I have experienced a loss that most do not want to imagine. While I'm fastfowarding through the years in this story it does not negate all the emotions and tribulations that transpired during those years. In that one brief paragraph there is a lifetime of took years to recover (I'm sure stories will come later for those that are interested). I live with my choices each and every day.

I'm sure you are wondering by now where I'm going with this. fastforward a decade or two. My kids are adults. Both are begining their lives on their own and we are incredibly close. We have our challenges, don't get me wrong. Both of my kids are finding their lives but we couldn't have done it without those that are a part of us not connected by blood. I have been blessed with amazing friends that have filled the gaps where my family should have been. They have held us steady in times of peril, and my children reach out to them every day. Where some mothers may feel threatened I am grateful. They have learned a very different definition of family through friendship, as have I.
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thats why i want children so much, i want to break my own "chain of chaos"

It's friends like you that make my family out here so blessed Snow!

I think it takes a special person to realize family isn't always about genetics. Its wonderful you have the support system that you do :) <br />
<br />
Great post !