Sorry Excuse Of Women

The feminnazi's are a joke. They think the whole world owes them. Instead of working hard to get ahead they just want men to step out of the way. Instead of trying to become a team member they want to be the team. I am not against equality. But I am against women pushing me out of the way. Thinking. Their so much better than men. WHEN THEY ARE NOT. Just because you dress walk talk act get tattoos and **** is every other word out of your mouth. Does not make you special. And
what's worse are the ones that
still want to be treated like a lady.
YEAH right. Act like a good old boy get treatment as such. Stop trying to use those **** and *** to get ahead.
working as a team THAT'S EQUALITY.

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2 Responses Nov 26, 2012

<p>Yes, feminism is, was, and always will be an anti-men, anti-family hate group that promotes female power while destroying and enslaving men. All feminism and all self-identified feminists are part of the same hate organization.</p>

I'm sorry if that has been your experience with feminists. Here is my take on it:Women are stuck between a rock and a hard place with the expectations society has set for them. A lot of women deal with "second shift," meaning they work a job (over 60% of the workforce is women), and then are expected to go home and take care of a house and family. Why can't we as a society lighten up on such traditional gender roles? What is wrong with men taking equal responsibility for household chores?Society has placed such a double standard on women's sexuality. They are expected to be sexual beings, but pure. They are a prude or a *****, but when a man sleeps around he gets respect. Why?Then there is the whole reproductive rights. The government is trying to tell women what to do with their bodies. The problem I have with that is only 16% of Congress is women. It is men trying to make these choices for us. Why is Viagra covered by insurance without a second thought, while birth control is such a hot topic?Just brushing the surface a just a few issues. Don't think that I am a man-hating feminazi though. I think as a society we have screwed men over as well. We have put such high expectations on men as being tough and fighters, and it has taken a huge toll on their emotional health. Feminism, to me, is not just equal rights for women, but equality for all people.

I don't necessarily think that women have set the standards for society, but I do believe that many have bought into the standards and perpetuated the stereotypical gender roles. I definitely don't think number has anything to do with it.
The media has a way to twist a woman politician into a person to not take seriously. If she is tough, she is a *****. If she gets emotional about something, she is unstable. Also to note. How often is a male politicians wardrobe and appearance brought up when talking about him? But that is the first thing that comes up when a politician is a woman! For example. At Obama's reelection ceremony. The big news was that Michelle re-wore a dress. How can a woman be taken seriously as a politician when she is judged on appearance, rather than intelligence?

I don't doubt that at all. Women are awful to each other. They are merciless judges. I believe insecurity has a lot to do with that. There is a constant comparison game that goes on in most women's minds. Trying to find out where they stand compared to the rest of women. If you have to tear someone down to move up a peg, dammit a lot of women will do it. Again, buying into societal ideals of beauty. And again, not saying that it is only women are victims and men at fault. Society as a whole is to blame.

Also. I hope you don't feel like I am judging you, or trying to change your opinions in any way. It is not at all my intention. I just want to share what I think, hopefully in a respectful and non-offensive way. My goal is only that you will see that not all feminists, like not all Christians, Muslims, Democrats, or Republicans, are the same. A few may be in-your-face zealots, but most are not. I just don't think that all people should be prejudiced and thrown into one blanket grouping.