Wanta Be A Man

These women will do whatever it takes to get ahead. And if they can't get ahead they will Sue in a heartbeat. Their mission is to make wimps out of all men. And won't be happy until they do. They want to walk around and ***** tease but don't you dare say a word to me attitude. They want all women around the world to be just like them. And they don't have a clue how most countries feel about them. It's not just the middle east either. They look at them as *****. And they have lost a lot of respect even here. And they can't understand why overseas women want to be and stay as conservative women. And they just don't hate men. They even want to run conservative women out of this country. Read some of their replies to each other. Saying any American women that don't want to join them.
They should move to Saudi Arabia. And yet some don't believe this is a hate group. Yeah right!

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2 Responses Dec 4, 2012

Most of the women I know in everyday life are conservative women. Women who respect men not hate them. Ladies who work hard raise children, are faithful to the men they married. Perhaps it is because they are busy living their lives doing everyday things you don't notice them or hear from them. They do out number the feminists in our community.

That is sad, but as an American I can say Merry Christmas any time I want to. It is my right to enjoy and I use it. Tolerance goes both ways. I don't have a problem wishing some one a Happy....what every holiday they are celebrating.

Be honest and tell them it is socially incorrect to correct someone who wished them well. Regardless of how.

Yes. you are right. Feminism is, was, and always will be nothing but a well organized anti-family and anti-men hate group.

The new standard feminist lie is some version of, "I'm not a feminist, but I support (all the old feminist hate agenda)"