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Women had it good in this country and the majority were treated very well. Most were happy with the American lifestyle of housewife. Then came the shithead 60's women. With their nasty attitude and I'm equal. Nobody never said you weren't. Then you came along with the competition I don't need a man cowshit. Well then you got pissed off when you got your way. I went through women a dime a dozen. Before I started driving my own truck for a living I worked the docks. I gave little girls their fair chance. They wanted to work the docks. That was fine with me.

Most didn't make it to lunch time before they grabbed their purse and quit. Because I made them do the job they were hired to do. They were getting the same pay as all new hires
Got. I wouldn't allow the men to help them. Not unless it was a two man job. But that was rare. Most boxes only weighed 25-40 lbs. And all unloaded there own shipments that came in by themselves. If a trucks came in with 250 pieces or a
Trailer load that's what we unloaded. That was the job! And the girls couldn't handle it. Always wanted the men to help them lift or do half of the work for them. Sorry it was not allowed. We even had a sign up on the dock. If you can't do the job don't apply or there is the door collect your pay on the way out.

There was your ******* equal rights. And be damned if some didn't try to Sue over discrimination because they were to ******* weak to do the job. Women can be equal but can never be the same.

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Just shows that you're a ****. You would know which girls can do the job or not.

Also, it's obvious that MOST women weren't happy being stay at home wives. They wanted to be more than that.