Let's Look At This With the Feminine Mind...

They emphasize in one way or another "be Independent, you don't need a man, you just.. want one"    ...MY A**!!

Then why are dating and mating sites and searching and find your mate personals in the millions on the Internet!  Are they just ghosts searching for the opposite sex! so called opposite sex. I don't believe it from one bit!!! Do you know the power of submission as a woman?

Well, back to dating sites, women are posting by the Billions!!! I mean there is every kind of dating mating, personals and chats like you wouldn't believe.

Imagine just getting a job because you.. "Just one want one" 

How hard would you try move up, be on time daily. Maybe take other duties and master them, after all you  don't need more money and so you don't need to move up.... your just there "just because... you just want a job, but don't need one"


Just wall your but out of there in middle of the day when it's great day for the beach.

Heck you can walk out any time you want to ... you have no need for a job!

How hard would you try to get along with others. When you know you can walk out anytime you want. After all you don't need a job... your just there because you just want one!!!


I mean hell if there is someone you don't like or can seem to see eye to eye .... just walk out, you don't need a job, you just want one!

How hard would you really try to follow the rules meant to take the company in a good direction, especially those rules you don't agree with much less really understand. After all, if you don't like some of the rules and you don't understand why they are ....  Just walk out, you don’t need jobs just want one...

What are the chances of a long term, employer employee RELATIONSHIP... with this attitude of 

"I just want a job... I don't need one"?

Not very long honey, is this how you’re treating your RELATIONSHIP for intimacy, companionship, and being there for the other?

After all, with the feminist teaching .. You don't need a man, you just want one!!! Is this how you treat your mate for companionship not really realizing how silly this Is? Wake up girl!!!

When they say, you don't need a man, just want one, sounds good, but what they are really telling you :

YOU don't really need, the companionship of a man, just want one.

The feminist say....Needing is weak.  sO Then since we need to eat! We are all weak and inferior... I mean really?

Please take out the garbage. i SHOULD also say mean are being fed bull crapt too. take the garbage out!!

Ladies is this really true? Or do we value companionship, isn't this one of main reasons
we seek a man, companionship, to not grow old alone?

Or do you just want to be alone in a room... oh yeah and a cat!!! My Goodness yeah replace a man with a cat HA HA HA!!  Is that what the movements out there have taught you ...just get pets?

It is true a woman can be very independent, no SH**!  But is your feminine independence to the point that you are REALLY so selfish, and you don't understand the labor of love directed to and for your man!!!

Enough of the feminist movement crap.

YOU WANT YOUR MAN for companionship, TO TAKE CARE OF you, protect you... in the way that a man can, so as to have that sense of security and ...AND THE CARING COMPANIONSHIP ....RIGHT?

You want  him show you that he cares .... but don't these things take, ACTION  labor ... on his part, there are things he needs to do, that is work, labor. He can't just go out shopping at the malls and have you see and feel these things!!! And he can't just give you sex .... although that's quiet a bit of action oh his part  :)

But really you know these things.... him going out shopping and giving you sex is not really the labor of love. Showing you he really cares in the sense of … with his real working labor... working doing things for you being a hand...out of love… for you.

Is this what you are doing just spreading your legs and then going shopping.... where is the labor of your love.... outside these things...

Wake up.... stop believing most of the things of the feminist movement!!!!  This might so surprise you It is not mostly about YOU...being beautiful and giving him what people call, great sex.

Do you really know why men can't stop thinking about so called sex? I bet you don't.

  It is not wrong to say, I need a good man for love and companionship, sharing, the labor of love.

But if you are lazy, shake it.

Do you know the sense of satisfaction of the laboring of love … for the one you care about and his appreciation for it …. From a good man that is.  I know it's hard to find a good one because now a days men are been fed crap by movies, TV, books, goverment, and the so called experts.

Is not wrong and is not weak to say you need a man for the things within an intimate relationship... of love.


When we were  physically a child you needed love, is not weak to admit this about children, young teenagers… also need love, right?

Why does it all of a sudden become, that you don’t need love?


....because you’re grown and have been taught that at a certain age you don’t need love and for goodness sake, much less admit it, is weak to that! Where in the hell did you get this idea?

Did you turn into a monster at some point!!! That you don’t need love anymore! Maybe you did turn into a monster ...by believing the feminist movement, the new age movement and so called relationship experts of today.


There is the child in all of us some express it more other less and you know it.... unless they turned you into a monster... through  movies,  TV, books,  government, laws, etc.

This child inside you needs love, the affection!!! And you too men, you've been brainwashed too.

Stop believing the lies of the so called experts in relationships of the feminist movement, government folks and so on.  If you need to change then do it!!!  You will change somethings and thinking ...to master a job, career, money, a sport.

HA there is no telling what people will do for money!!!  How  about changing somethings even your thinking.... to master LOVE!!!


YES, what about CHANGING for love within a relationship,… there is this attitude of he should just take me as I am if he loves me…. Bull **** if you are BIT**, manipulative, and just give me, give me… love me love me love ...I am a woman.  Should you not change the bad things about you, including some your thinking, for the sake of a relationship of love!!! I think so.


I need love and it’s passions.. with MY MAN, period, I am not weak for saying that.  




You can accomplish ALL things without a mate of course!!! But for the relationship of love and the intimacy and the dynamics OF IT, you need a man and if you are a man you need a woman.  


The hell with the new age movement and the feminist movement and the whatever you wan to call it movement ...that says... we don’t need love. And that when we get older it’s weak to admit WE NEED LOVE, I am telling you …. You will be alot weaker …and alone by not admitting you need love you will eventually get into bizarre behaviors for the lack of love, companionship.


 It’s not weak to tell the one I love “I need YOUR love… in fact he loves it!!! I don't care how macho he is. There is kid inside him too.

And I love it!!!!! When he tells me “I need your love” …. I JUST love it, he needs me!!! I have not found dress shoes that have the value... of ... when tells me " I need your love "





 It is not to needy to say I need your love, because it is not in the sense that you cannot accomplish things, or you can't wipe your own but and get out of bed with your own to legs!

But love is important to man and woman!

And so I submit to love HIM AND HIS PASSION for me…. with pleasure.

 Do you know the power and balance of feeling loved, being loved?

It satisfies me, to satisfy him, more than shopping and things and when I give my love he appreciates and romances me. I stir his love by giving him my love!!! What a concept for some so called loving women….they chant: give me romance, do whatever I want, some women understand love so well they have such a long list…. I deserve this and that, love is about giving.  If he does not know how to love… THEN YOU show him….believe me he will start giving back, on his own unless you are with a robot.

After all you are the expert… as woman, for the things of love.. right?

Isn’t love about giving? Then start… to give love and teach him ….or do you have such a long list of, I want this and that … I am a woman I should be loved, we women are about love… so much so, that there is no long list…. of how you should treat and care for him…. And do include the labor of your love… for YOUR MAN!!! There is nothing wrong with making him a meal with your hands, of the woman he desires.


 Or are you lazy behind the disguise that the labor of love was for ancient times and weak women. What is modern? We just spread our legs and go shopping. 


 ...you should romance him and talk to him WELL and show HIM the labor of your love, learn to make a meal for him with your hands say three times a week.


What concepts for some us LOVING women! Most of us do not know we have ascribed to bad beliefs by the feminist movement without actually going into their meetings!

They brainwashed you through movies, books and government policies, laws. Screw you feminists thanks for nothing!!!


Don’t take this personally, I'm really talking about leaders PUSHING THIS movement most of them are single, gay, and if married its just a title. NO real relationship and companionship just the title of married…. how sad.

I mean I was a feminist and did not know it. I was sucked in with their well disguise phrases!!! After all, most women are caught in bad beliefs and not really knowing this!!! Please wake up save the real relationship of  love, companionship affection in the world!!! Specially your relationship!!!


These LEADER FEMINIST women need to stay so busy and want to have every other TITLE to make themselves feel good, because they don’t have intimacy, closeness love, real love, and much less the power of love, being loved!

 YOu know what stirs love.... LOVE. SO DO IT TAKE THE INITIATIVE.

Well, I could make even better analogies, next time… I just needed to vent a little.  I am tired of women being lonely and getting into bad behaviors  like drinking,  promiscuity, drugs,  becoming secret  ******,  because they don't have love and its intimacy.... because of the phrase directly or indirectly taught.... " I don't need a man, just want one" by the feminist!!! Yeah there is good about it but most of it is crap.


And let me just say one thing.... I NEED MY MAN FOR LOVE... ROMANCE....COMPANIONSHIP, INTIMACY, CARING, LOVEMAKING AND FOR THE SATISFACTION OF GIVING OF MYSELF TO HIM.  Shopping, fancy Things, career titles, cats, money CANNOT or will ever replace love, ever!!! Do you know of a time when things, fun replaced love?... yeah only today thanks to the feminist movement.


Who is the woman bold enough to comment on this, man or woman, can you argue with my points!!!! I challenge you!!


So far....NO comments, no challenges to what I said, I knew it, who could argue with me!!!!.... another woman, a man? and  don't just give me this one line point or argument ...thats weak!!


Thanks for listening to me
I Submit To Love, and its passions even the labor to show caring love  :)  :0)

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Really, Really, just Really.. <br />
This doesn't even deserve any kind of an answer..

the zen of this excellent post<br />
<br />
Feminist - pseudo man<br />
emptiness in the form of "need to be filled" pulls<br />
men fell better when they climb a mountain<br />
have a need, creates the possibility of a hero

but a little aggressive hmmm

great story dear

This is a great essay. It should be read on its own merits without regard to her other postings. Note that the scornful feminists couldn't rebut her; they could only change the subject. Wukong, only the worst men deserve to be stuck with a feminist. The scorners deserve to grow old with their cats like submittolove warns about. <br />
I want to challenge all you feminist women who feel sexual desire for men but also are antagonistic to men and surround yourselves with other women who run down men with their mouths all day long: Where under heaven do you get the idea that you deserve to have a man who loves you? Do you think misogynists deserve good women? You are their moral equivalent! If you ever succeed in getting a man you'll only make him miserable sooner or later, so I'm not rooting for your success!<br />
If you really agree that the grow old with a cat option is not so great, then you need to dump the crowd you're running with and undergo an attitude detoxification. You need to start looking upon men as human beings. You need to face up to how flawed and full of faults your own gender is and leave off this perpetual haughty "men are jerks" mentality. You need to take a deep breath and realize that it wouldn't be the end of the world to open your mind to the possibility that men are no worse than women and women are no better than men. You need to read on the men's rights websites about the agonies that men face in divorce courts (men are 10 times more likely to commit suicide after divorce) and understand that there are valid viewpoints that you may not have been exposed to at all. Try something different: no reason to expect that more of the same is going to get you anywhere. Do this and you could learn what many of the women you have looked down upon have known all along: what a deeply rewarding experience it can be for the woman who wholeheartedly commits herself to love a man, to be his ally and not his critic.

1. why is it your business what feminists do?<br />
<br />
2. if an individual thinks they want to live a certain way that is up to them who are you to say that they are not living correctly?<br />
<br />
3.My father was a stay at home dad and did the cooking the cleaning and other household duties are you sugesting that he is not a masculine man?

yes he was a *****

Depends on if he wore his hair in curlers under a scarf when he shopped in those high heeled slippers with pink and purple feathers on them! ..I was a stay home dad for 5 years after my wife died...raising kids is more important than chasing money

submittolove, you are as full of crap as your other avatar, Lsbeene. Why are you so stupid as to not realize that you are repeating the same words and phrases, and writing in the same (lousy) style? You do the same thing at other sites, too.<br />
<br />
Do you really think you've accomplished anything by pretending to be a woman so that you can spew your dominance fantasies at real women? The only thing your extremely poorly written "essays" (I've noticed on the forums that you post on that you always refer to you pitiful posts as "essays") are good for is to show the few people that read them how moronic you are. Same goes for your posts where you use other fake ids to answer your own stuff. <br />
<br />
And you mras wonder why so many people call you weirdos.

No man deserves to be stuck with a feminist woman.<br />
<br />
If you want to be feminist, go right ahead but, don't put that on others.<br />
<br />
One of the biggest lies ever told is that the feminist movement was and is about equality. Anyone that believes so has been deceived or hasn't done their research to understand the founding philosophies and principles of the founding members.

I have just read the most thoughtful article I have EVER read on a subject that has long bothered me. I am married to a liberated woman who does just as she pleases, when she wants to. Needless to say we have had a long term "I don't give a damn what you think"<br />
marriage. <br />
So I have had to look elsewhere for companionship, what she has done I neither know or care.......

sure the original movement was about equality in wages and employment; it was a political thing. somewhere along the way it changed and then spread into parts of life with such force causing massive tidal waves of destruction. things have changed for the positive in some respects, yes. i can now live alone if i so choose rather than with a family member until death if i never married, as well as many many other benefits. there are women out there who take it to the nth degree though, as we all do with something in life. to me the negative repercussions of such drastic change is disturbing ... but i guess as society changed and evolved we were bound for this sooner or later anyhow, eh? perhaps not ... then again, maybe so. who am i to day?

i was just having this conversation the other day with my s.o. my views are this; prior to the 60's women stayed in abusive relationships as a form of submission. evidently all it takes is a couple women tired of that life to exact their form of justice on the world by stealing the joys of love and respect in relationships from men and women across the globe by carrying on with women's lib. rather than righting their own wrongs or wrongs done to them they feel they are standing up for all those who are 'incapable' to stand up for themselves. if you cannot stand up for yourself, you don't deserve to stand up! that's how i feel about it! i don't need a bunch of women telling me how to feel, how to love, how not to love, or what i need and don't need. that's ridiculous. i am capable of thinking for myself. and the fact of the matter is; the human's greatest desire (that desire they were born with) is for that of love. it's lovely to feel needed as well. i understand these things as fully as i can at this point in my life. with that said, i am a rather independant woman - able to change my own oil, patch walls, etc. BUT i adore my s.o. i love my s.o. i work diligently to make certain he knows this. perhaps i invest too much in the relationship but then who's to judge that? the feminists who are either in a loveless relationship or in no relationship at all? what credentials do they possess that makes them experts on how i conduct myself in my relationship or anyone else for that matter who's in a relationship? i have to give you kudos with this entry. not many women would agree but then again the vast majority of women i've ever known subscribe to these crazy ideas which promote loveless relationships. any relationship, that of mother/daughter, father/son, friends, marriage, dating, business, etc., they all take labor and investment if they are to succeed. not being able to admit and profess your needs and desires for love and companionship is WEAK! and it this disability will leave you a very lonely person. as often as i am able i give to my s.o. i make dinners, i surprise him with silliness, i am forever telling him how i feel in regard to him and not just "i love you" but with many many other words. and he does reciprocate. and it IS fulfilling! if i were in a relationship that became abusive i would be a bit more 'liberated' so to speak in that i would not stand for it and i'd leave. excluding abusive relationships, feminists need to consider what they're doing to this world. consider the divorce rate's steady climb since the women's movement... that in and of itself says EVERYthing!