As Deeply As A Dagger To The Heart And Soul.....

Words....I love words...I always try to find the correct ones to use, in order to make my thinking or feelings clear.  That's the beauty of words...especially in English.  There are many words that mean approximately the same thing, but possess subtle differences and connotations.  Love, for example can be used to describe feelings for anything from a favorite food, to one's relationship with God...and everything in between.  Worship, however, implies a much deeper level of feeling than you would use for , say, pizza or hot baths...

Words can lift you to the highest heights... or plunge you into the deepest despair.  A thoughtless word can cut so very deeply...and the echo it leaves can haunt you indifinitely....recalling that devastation as clearly as if it just happened.  The heart , at least my heart, is a very fragile takes the words of others, especially loved ones, absorbs them wholly, and reacts accordingly.  My heart has very little substance left..a mere fraction of what it once was....unable to cast off the hurt caused by a careless word.  There have been so many times when words have taken a chunk of it and simply decimated it.  My heart....words.....the two are inextricably linked....and I am not able to fight them off anymore.  I have no fight left in me......

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1 Response Mar 8, 2010

My most beloved One; I am guilty of all you say; my momentary thoughtlessness had taken another bite ouy of your fragile heart, and I am both truly sorry and full of my own pain for having hurt you so terrible with my words.<br />
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I know that nothing I can say or do will erase those words, and they will repeat in your heart for a long time. The best I know how to do is to continue to love you unconditionally, and show you as much love and contrition as I possibly can. My hope is, that like an echo in a vast canyon, the echo of my words will grow steadily softer and more distant so that you will eventually be unable to heard them.<br />
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IFLYSFM, my dearest Kitten!<br />
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