Class F5 Felony For Distribution of Less Thann a Half Ounce of Marijuana

that alone is grounds for at least 5 years in a penitentary and all i did was get pulled over in the same car as my drug dealer with nothing more than paraphanelia, he had all the goods yet guilty by association i went to jail and then to trial, and in those 18 days of jail time for a failure to appear, because i sought to seek my own legal counsel and counld not find any and i did overlook my court date by 3 days, i immediately turned myself in and when the trial came, they gave me six months all suspended and 5 days time served for my failure to appear, now thats mercy, especially when the average joe does not want to be in jail, but at the same time, my faith and confidence in god is beyond circumstances, and events even ones like these that people would deem "bad" or not good, he has used me to reach a few brothers in the jail that needed to see someone being obedient to god and filled with god's love in their life, i was that chosen candle and boy did he use me to pray for and to speak into these awesome dudes lives and help guide them back onto the healing path of being children of god, as well as he humbled me greatly in this situation and did major deep things in my wounded heart to be able to pray more heartily and with confidence in his hearing as well as his ability and desire to answer me, not for any of my requests but because i listened to his holy spirit within me as to how to pray and for who, mostly with much heart brokenness over these dudes, and with many tears for their sake, alas prayer is the power of the almighty in the hands of the weak


god is love and his love i so much beyond anything i thank the lord for having mercy on me to take away all my sins as well as to keep me from staying in the jail atmosphere for too long, i did miss my family, being active in my community, working as well as food and friends and freedom, but he has blessed me with such a beautiful gift from the inside opf these dark circumstances "gratitude" that i can only tremble and shake with thanksgiving at the goodness of god




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Mar 11, 2009