I Know He Is Real...

Hello, I am a 17 year old boy. I have been and am a Christian. I am very involved in my church, youth group, Christian schooling, and mission work. But in the past few months my Bible class has been going through the old test. And if you have read it is very...I don't know if mean is the word but I feel that God just kills people for making a mistake. And I just feel so far from God, I don't under stand how He is this loving God and yet he will kill his own creations. I really don't know why but I just feel that it is so impossible that God is real.....I mean I want to believe.... please help.
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Death is the consequence of sin. Because God is so loving and JUST, he had to carry out the consequences of the actions people chose for THEMSELVES... or else he wouldn't be fair. They went against His will and ultimatly chose their own destiny.

Because of Adam and Eve's disobedience to God in Eden, we are born with original sin. This was not God's will, however, as you know, He loves us too much to FORCE us to do anything. He gave us the gift of free choice. Because of that choice made so many years ago, we are all born sinners, as we are there decendents. As sinners, we are damned to hell and really, we belong there. God cannot accept anything that is not pure and holy. After Adam and Eve had sinned, a seperation from God was born that was not created before. You are reading the old testemant. Jesus was not yet born in the old testement, so there was no sacrafice for these sins yet. The people were held accountable. I think the old testement is God's way of showing you how serious sin really is. But because of His love for us, He gave His one begotton son, Jesus Christ, to cover up our sin, so we shall be saved. If you read the new testment, you will see how God does not punish us for our sins per se, but that when we sin, we are really punishing ourselves because it is THAT serious. Sin opens many doors that can potentially lead us down the wrong path. I think the old testment is more like a mirror to show us how things really were when we lived under the law, compared to how things are now as we live under GRACE, and the immense importance of what Jesus did and why we owe our lives to Him. Hope this helps!!