Don't Judge Me

One day I was having a horrible day. I was really doubting God and feeling sorry for myself. I don't even remember what it was about now, but I was sitting and praying, and next thing I knew, a butterfly came floating over and sat on a flower like 3 inches away from me. That's when I knew He was real. :)

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I too believe in god too.

FYI Upper case G is commonly used for the God of Heaven, but lower case g is commonly used for any other gods of earth or made up. Food for thought


Wow, A Butterfly!<br />
I too have had an experince!<br />
<br />
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I love these kinds of stories. =D I haven't had something quite as poetic, but definitely, there are times when I have no doubt.

Girl This is amazing I love to here things Like this makes me smile. and Brings Light!!!

Hey hun, we may have conflicting views on this topic, but I'm sure it was a very beautiful sight for you.<br />
To each there own, and I'm happy your terrible day was brightened up in some way, that's always a nice warm-and-fuzzy!