Regardless of Race / Beliefs / Color

 I was also raised a Catholic, and I believe that church has a lot to answer for when turning people off God.

I was actively discouraged from reading the Bible because only the priest would understand condesending. !!!!

I read widely with the help of a friend........I asked and looked for answers to 3 questions....

Where did I come from?
Why am I here?
Where am I going?

In finding these answers I realised the Catholic church was very wide of the mark and didn't know themselves. I got as far away from them as I could.

I found that we lived as spirits in a premortal existence before coming to earth. We wanted to progress, and this happens by coming to earth, gaining a body and experiencing all the emotions,pleasure/pain/grief/hot cold/hunger/worry/peace.....etc so we could learn (none of the negative emotions exist in Gods Kingdom)
We need to experience them so to be able to appreciate them........a bit like going to school....we dont like it but we know we need it to get a good job.

When we have experienced all that we signed up for....(yeah I know, I think i signed up for too much too!)
we return hopefully with diplomas in hand and move on to the next stage of growth.....nothing is stagnant in our Fathers Kingdom. No I dont believe in you finish high school then go back to kindergarten to start you go on......

I dont believe in the firey hell the catholics teach. The bible says our fathers kingdom is divided into 3 sections just as the sun /moon/stars give off different amount of light.......light being the light of Christ.....we will go to the Kingdom we would be most comfortable with......those faithful to the teachings of the gospel will be comfortable with the highest kingdom (sun) those not comfortable with the gospel will live their eternity with lowest kingdom(stars) Even the lowest kingdom is 100 times better than this earth !!!!

When we get to the other side....regardless of belief.....because Jesus attoned for EVERYONE....saint & sinner of all colors/beliefs.......we are surrounded by love...the most intense accepting love .....THIS I learned before joining any church because I have passed over during a critical illness. (and I definitely wasn't living a good life at the time)

I am looking forward to the time when I go home....and remember all that I also knew before I came to earth.....a veil of forgetfulness was placed over our memory so we would not pine for our fathers kingdom whilst we are here......I think maybe he did too good a job when you hear of how some speak of God....His heart must ache !

We are here, to experience freedom of choice and the CONSEQUENCES of these choices as a learning experience......the way we teach our children.

Eternal life is for everybody, where we go and what we do during eternity will depend on the 'diploma' we go home with.

For those who didn't accept/.didn't get the opportunity to learn about the gospel, there are angels teaching on the other side......we still have free choice to accept or reject it...(though I think by then you'd have to be thick not to accept)

We are not on this earth for a long time....though I agree somedays never seem to end.....the bible says in our fathers Kingdom, a day is a 1000years.

So when you do the math.....average life is 75 yrs....we are here for 1hr 20 mins . When we get back it will seem like we only just left !!!!

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3 Responses Feb 8, 2009

Thank you Lorraine. It's important to me to remember God's love, and you reminded me of this today.

That was interesting. I believe that our Holy mother has more of a major roll in all of this, but I salute your efforts to think for your self and not let some " I will not have sex with a woman" priest decide for you...DD

That was up lifting. Thanks.