Left Shoulder

June 4th I landed on my left side and wound up with partically separated clavical bone and is still healing 3 1/2 months later. And do you know what that cement did not even flinch.
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I once bought a blouse in a second-hand store. My little cousin asked me, "What are these two spongy things?" I told her they were shoulder pads, because this is a style from another era. "Oh, do they protect you in case you fall on your shoulder?" I laughed and she laughed and we thought it was a great joke. People don't really fall on their shoulders, right? Ludicrous idea!<br />
<br />
...Well, you just proved us wrong.<br />
<br />
Sorry about your injury! Hope the joke lightens the mood :)

in the winter, i like to lay in the snow and make a snow angel..guess you made a cement angel...i'm just joking with you, however it's not funny and i hope you are okay

Not funny, it still hurts, I have to sleep on my ride side with body supporting arm, I have to exercise my deltoid muscle forever, I think I have a pinched nerve that make my bicep muscle tender and weak. I had two cracked ribs the rest bruised and 4 stitches over my left eye.

so is this the same shoulder that you have been talking about? the one that is always bothering you? i dont remember you saying that you fell on it...

Yes darlin it is the same arm, ought to put you over my lap and give you a good spanking.

with the good arm i hope:)

With the good arm and then uuummm.

lol, :-)

You don`t want to know.

i have a pretty good idea what you may be thinking though!

Now what would make you say that.

lol, because i know you pretty good

Awww, you make me feel bad now.......NOT !!

haha of course you don't feel bad...why would you if it's only a thought that you have

Yeah and such a lovely thought.

awww i guess i should feel special..right? oh yeah i forgot to smile!

Well it would be special so you better smile.

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