He Set Me Up Asking To Call Him

a few times he would ring or ask me to ring again later 

then he started kicking me and switching from one person to another literally like he was a split person

rick seemed to be saying one thing then doing another.  everything about him was a running contradiction

he would say call me then when I called he would be out or get friends to answer when he knew it was me

he would talk dirty to me and lead me on that he liked me and he even met with me a few times alone for lunch

or talk and when one night he drove back to his place and I was in another car with my brothers friend who was driving

rick would act weird and be flirting with me. one night rick drove me home and was flirting but then wanted me to leave

out of the car when I said goodbye and asked for a  hug he didn't seem to want to let me go.

all the time he was saying hurtful things to me and then saying he wanted to see me and he liked me

but then he was saying he was with katy and yet he didn't seem to really want me at all. 

he was fooling around and confused me ... he said things to me that were so nasty and no guy who lies a girl would say those things

he was like a Jeckle and Hyde person.   I could not keep up with him at all.  he was making out he wanted me but then pushing me away

I have had several guys do this to me now.  a guy in a law firm was doing that to me... I liked him but he just was fooling.

I know guys do set girls up so they look like stalkers ... hell guys set girls up to be raped and killed

guys set girls up to ruin their careers and education.  I know I was set up to be bashed ... what sort of guy lets people rape and bash a girl?

guys do set girls up to hurt them ... making out they like them for sex or love and then they have been just making you look an idiot

guys do set nice girls up to be raped in por n films too.  a few people said to me to be careful that rick was gonna do that to me... 

set me up to drug me and make me look like a po rn sta r and have the reality stuff of the virg in being rap ed and having in on video ... 

why? would a guy need to go that far to smear a girl and make her look like a wh ore anyway? sicko stuff.
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2 Responses May 6, 2012

Because people are so damn sick in there mind.

I know I was set up to be raped... and that was by a group of people... joyce, leigh who was talking dirty that night, ken who should have been told to leave me alone. <br />
<br />
and funny how he pushed me off at moringside station ... where keith smith was living... I think he knew katy, bec and keith and some of my relatives ... <br />
<br />
I think someone set me up and has been trying to take me down ... bugsy and joyce or ricky, sue and elizabeth??? why was elizabeth acting so weird in 1998 at that bbq? why was my sister acting so weird making out she had given me ticket to a concert she never did? why was she so defensive about the Marilyn Monroe picture disappearing? <br />
<br />
it does not make any sense at all. why was joyce so nasty to me?<br />
<br />
why was trevors mother acting so sexually weird and 6itchy with me? <br />
<br />
why are most people weird with me and don't treat me right... since I was a very little girl this has been going on and I am getting sick of it.<br />
<br />
too many set ups... its obvious I wanted a single young man and a guy who could be all the things that ken could never be... no married man could be to me... <br />
<br />
its obvious I should have had more men interested in me, my god parents should have wanted to know me... people should have helped me. joyce should have listened to me. <br />
<br />
leigh morris should have not allowed ken near me... the stupid old mental tart cow she is. what sort of co-ordinator or shaparone gets a virgin raped I ask you?