He invited himself into my heart as he opened the door
I looked up at his face as he walked into my life
It was full of angles, of laughter and so much more
Would he be gentle or cut me like a razor sharp knife

His eyes were like mirrors of passion, yet so bold
I studied him objectively like he was a statue of glass
I sensed there was danger within as he could be cold
Aloof, rugged, daring, proud, yet arrogant and rash

I know he was anxious to hold me tightly in his arms
Yet he was a man on a mission with something in mind
He was charming, yet fierce with all of his charms
Passionate, loving, sexual with a soul that was kind

I was taking a risk a gamble and giving him a chance
To love me to embrace this sensuality that was within
He knew what he wanted from the very first glance
To make love to me, passionately let the affair begin

I don't know where this will take both you and I
With all these pent up emotions churning inside
I want to take this to the limits as high as the sky
Implore you to stay, today, forever and forget my pride.
prettyface1 prettyface1
51-55, F
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Let your wish be true...