And Maybe More,,,

I know he loves me with every thing he did,,every time he looks at me i feel he want to catch my hand and run away with him ,,sometimes when we set close to each others ,,i feel through his words that he loves me or more,,he did every thing to make sure i know how much he loves me,,seeing him after he gets from work smiling and opening his arms to me so he can gives a huge hug,,thats enogh for me to know he loves me, as i will always love him,,
denez denez
26-30, F
2 Responses Aug 22, 2012

Ameeeeen,Thanks Sis,,may Allah bless your heart with happiness too,,

Masha'Allah. May Allah eternally bless you both with unlimited noble nour, truth, commitment, understanding, closeness, purity, and true love. And may Allah be the forever partner of your lives - ameen.

*HuG HUGsS!*