A Bush Rerun

 I know that campaign speeches are just empty promises,but never Have I heard so much blame placed on another and then replicate the others actions so completely that it becomes apparent that there isn't any difference beyween the two. We are still in two middle east conflicts and now committed to a third against Lybia. I've had enough and I hope America has too.



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Top Republican publishes full ACTA text for public look-see --'Secret negotiations not the American way' 06 Mar 1012 Republican congressman Darrell Issa of California has published the full text of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), saying that the public has a right to know what their governments have been hiding from them. "ACTA represents as great a threat to an open Internet as SOPA and PIPA and was drafted with even less transparency and input from digital citizens," Issa said in a statement. Negotiations on ACTA started under President [sic] Bush the Younger, and have been carried on by the current administration[Of course they have. Obusha hasn't deviated one iota from the previous regime, and in most situations (NDAA, killer drone attacks) has moved farther to the right than Bush. For some reason, he gets a 'pass.' --LRP]

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A true fact of American life, uninformed are over whelming our society with people who have no opinion, and when they hear something they disagree with they resort to name calling.<br />
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I must have missed the campaign speeches where he actually laid out plans to resuccitate the economy clinton,bush, and the US congress murderd and return the trillions of dollars stolen from the American people.<br />
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I remember when my nephew told me he was voting for blue gums. I asked him why and he told me because he wanted change. When I asked him what changes did obama have in mind for America. He told me he didn't know, but anything would be better than what we had! Sad as that sounds,every single person I asked (young & old) gave that same exact reply. When I asked those same people,who votes our president into office, We The People or the selected 538 member electoral college. 80% of them asked me where that school was located.

i will give it a go

It does to me, have you posted an experience about this information? I find it very interesting. Thanks for the comment

the protest of egypt were formed by minority groups recognising each others value using multi media<br />
and achieving a result with peace, i would think that the states has a massive minority group, can they recognise each other and appreciate what makes them differnet ,to oppose this government that has been high jacked by secret society for to long ,the reserve bank notion was raised by privateers in 1910 and succeded in 1913 , jp morgan owner of white star liners removed opposition to proposal with double edge sword in 1912 morgan lost an insurance claim on olympic ,identical ship to titanic,the struggling white star line could not survive this loss ,12mil was paid out 2 weeks after sinking, the ships were switched the newer built titanic was labeled olympic and the rest is history except for the facts that remain ,and of which the cover up inquiry failed to question, time for double geopardy for all involved , this is a legitimate case and the domino effect that would proceed would surley,engage the call of the mass public , preparation is everything the debt americans face is fraudulent, this must stop , if we dont want world war 3 its amazing how many people dont know that the titanic was a twin, i hope this makes sense.