My son was three, and had been diagnosed as a "non functional autistic". Mommy got busted for possession and trafficking, so Child Services called Daddy and said, "Come pick up your son." Daddy spends some extremely emotional time bringing my son out of the dark emotional twist that had his brain wired the wrong way (Thank You, mommy).Two weeks after picking him up we have our first court date, the attorney that represents CS tries to have me arrested because in her estimation I brought the wrong child to court.
She walks up, with two armed officers, and accuses me of this ridiculous charge, saying that there is "NO WAY that this is the same child. This child is affectionate and speaks in full sentences!"
I asked what exactly she meant, and asked if she had a picture of my son in the file she was holding. That brought her to a screeching halt!! She stomped off and left the cops there to wonder......
I went through years of BS, just to have her run off to another country with my son. She managed this because she was having relations with one of the court officers. He was arrested 15 years later for numerous offenses of this sort.
"All decisions are made in the best interest of the child." If that were true, why didn't my son grow up with me? Bringing my child out of his diagnosis of autism and into the life of a normal child should have been all that it took for me to have custody. I only got to spend three years with him..... HOW IS THAT JUSTIFIABLE BY ANYONE"S STANDARDS?!?!? I was the better parent, cut and dried, but I have no relationship with him because she poisoned him against me. After that three years I never saw him. I have tried to talk to him, but he just doesn't seem to want anything to do with me. I'm not looking for sympathy, just letting every one know why I get really fired up about certain subjects.
Sorry if I wandered a little, this was very difficult to write.
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Ohhhhh dang, he deleted his account.. I am very sorry, guy, for your pain. .....

Oh dear! That's injustice and heartless. Autistickids are smart btw :)

Oh, that's too bad. Women seem very harsh towards autistic boys. It is very impressive that you were able to prove them wrong about him not being functioning.

Wow.. That is so cruel.. To both your child and to you.. I hope he didn't have the hard life I'm imagining. Women like her just gives us a bad name. It's disgusting the kind of woman she became. Hard to believe she was a young innocent child at one point. I don't understand how people end up like that, just want to cause the other person that much emotional pain over spite or for whatever reason. And to put her child through that.. I'm truly very sorry that this happened to you and your son..

Brutal. And I thought I was a grumpy old man. Regarding professionals, my attitude is, if you don't have a cure, get back to work and STFU.

I can't help you, really, though I wish I could! All I can give you is giant hugs, and know that I am sorry for all the pain that you've been put through! What you have said here is almost beyond belief, but I'm sure that it's true....horrible, unimaginable things can happen to good people! I'm just very sorry!

How old was your son when you had him and how old is he now.

I know the feeling my friend. My wife is Arab, and I too have that fear, in the back of my mind, that she can take my son away from me and go to another country and not tell me where they are. She too "rules my life" because she knows I love my son and I will do anything to make sure he is in my life. Best of luck to you.