I Admit It

I have A LOT of naughty thoughts.....

All it takes is a cutie in a low-cut top, or short shorts... oh my!

And I am still susceptible to the charms of a well turned-out man....

Then there is the amount of time I spend thinking about some of my friends here on EP!!!  (Oh, MY!)

PLUS -- well, there are my fantasies about what I am going to be doing with my wife when I get home....

Yeah, I know how I think .... and I really do deserve to be spanked for it.
SaratogaGirl SaratogaGirl
26-30, F
44 Responses Jul 29, 2010

iv never been spanked in my life and im 18 reading this makes be think what i must deserve... danm im a naughty girl!

Sounds like thats just what u need too lol :)------

as long as you have that drink then yes!

<br />
Awesomely relevant I think!

woot! you are relevant to my interest then!

Oh, OK.... I'll trade you one for some nachos.

If you has one you will be relevant to my interest!

Just because.

definately think you need a good spankingand it wouldnt be a request (not that i think you would be unwilling)but a nice surprise one no warning before you know it you would be accross my lap your pretty little skirt flipped up high over your back tender thighs kicking in the air as i gather your pretty panties and pull them up between your round soon to be hot pink cheeks, ts ktsk tsk to much protesting and i pull those panties off and fit them in that pretty little mouth of yours

because why?



OOOOOO... yeah!

No RubyRed For YOU!

No! ruby red is the best tasting pop in the world! <br />
<br />

jeez louize yourself!<br />
<br />
Never heard of it.<br />
<br />
I insist you have root beer.

ruby red squirt. It is like a normal squirt with grapefruit added flavor to it! jeez!

Or her face with the blushing I am doing here.....<br />
<br />
OK, ruby red pop it is....<br />
<br />
What the hell... is that like a snowcone or something?

ruby red!

What kind? Grape? Cherry? Root beer?

I desire pop right now.


That's me and Smuggie....<br />
<br />
<br />

Naughty, naughty girls. I like the way you think.

scratches head? then laughs hehehehehe



It is irrelevant to my interest.

patting.... ok.<br />
<br />
Silly Lion, don't know it till you tried it!!!!

sigh* sounds like too much work..

EEEEK! I am not entirely sure I'm down with that.... kissing and gentle (but persistent and rhythmic) rubbing seem to do the trick there.

Ummm.... that hand of yours seems to be going a bit deep there.... see, once between my thighs you really aren't able to spank me anymore and .... Ohhhhhhhhh.....

Oh goodness.... and here I am naked from knees to tummy.....

THANK YOU.... omg!!!! Thank you!!! And please allow me to say that I am totally getting off at having my bare *** exposed for your inspection....

He may be a perv but I think I just came twice while he was doing this!!!! WHOOOOO-HOOOOOO!

perv x

Damn, Troub... talking like that has got my thoughts going even NAUGHTIER!!!!<br />
<br />
OK, I'm ready to take my position.....

And that new girl outside my door with the low cut top, isn't helping my clean thought! But then don't we all deseve to be spanked for our thoughts at times, some more than others!

then we do think alike, i'm very fond fo ******* myself. lol

OOOOPS... Sorry Tiger, the ***** cat got his bid in now too.... maybe I should start with him... after all, I DO have a certain... ummmmm.... fondness for *******.... LOL!

it most certainly will, it gets you a lifetime pass. anytime you feel you need a spanking just grab the tiger. lol more then willing to make sure your naughtiness does not go unnoticed.

I don't know... would it get ME a lovely, skirt up, panties down, over-the-knees spanking from a tiger?

i certainly do. lol<br />
<br />
does that get me a good spanking from a beautiful red head? :)

Do you think like I do?

i am more then willing to assist you in a good spanking Sara, i joined the group just to see if i could get you to spank me. lol