Perception Evolves Or Becomes Obsolete

Perception is the opposite of the human tradition of trivializing. How do we build a nice big house if we don't trivialize the trees, the ground they grow on and so on. Boy doesn't meet girl; he meets glamor, which is far less than a girl, a mere utility like fantasy or a sci-fi sex-android. Girl doesn't meet boy; she knows what she meets, but she's not telling us.

Everything we are expected to do, every obedient act, every act we are manipulated into performing, trivializes the world and the cosmos that spawned it. Asking us to obey, and manipulating us into serving in ways we don't know we are serving, like a soldier making the taxpayer buy weapons and ammo while he is convinced he is a patriot, trivializes us. So perception is also to avoid being trivialized; it is to be significant, not trivial.

Does a significant person have a social life? Are there people your age who will not just find someone else if you won't be manipulated? Are you ready to be ahead of your time?

Society has already established the tradition of trivializing us. Education ignores our instinct, our potential, and the future we will be graduating into. Parents ignore that education is not an upbringing; that without an upbringing we become automatons, and that getting us to obey authority is the exact opposite of an upbringing. Religion ignores the beautiful innocence of children, like a doctor breaking bones so he can profit from setting them. Marriage ignores the right of a bond to be tested with real consequences, and forged in careful preliminary testing of each other. Sex ignores that evolution has led us to expect a climax (no pun intended) called 'baby', so that finding that a woman associates her breasts with her own pleasure is an anticlimax of the worst sort.

Why were the breasts so hypnotic to a guy? Because evolution makes them profound. Her self-gratification is a sobering discovery, like bulging veins, hairy buttocks, and congenital halitosis! “I really thought I knew her!” And we want to find a new woman... One who hasn't burst this particular bubble for us yet. “Joy to the world, my mate has Come!” I don't think so! I hope you're not reading, “Do not have sex!” into this example. That would be your conditioned habit of obedience haunting the words as you read. Then you miss the sense, the beauty; probably whatever you read, or you just prefer the simple stuff. You are too used to words trying to build a fence around you when they get a little deep; you've got the obey-reflex turned into an obey-phobia. Here the words are just for being appreciated. When not having sex becomes a freedom it is time not to, and if that seems an impossibility, that is what perception is: to find out why the impossible is the only answer; to find out why life EVOLVES, why passions grow!

If we made more babies we would be ending the world sooner. Maybe the day before we found a way to save it. Clearly there is no beauty in this culmination either, the sex becomes babies scenario. Exploited people become slums that way. We're not shipping the next billion to Mars. We are manipulated into filling a demand for consumers, which is trivializing babies. A real baby doesn't need exploited parents, nor manipulative ones.

Did you get through school okay? Was it an uphill struggle? Then you got a job? Was that when the struggle ended and you began to glide down a slope? How can we dismiss a ride down a slope after a struggle? There's no ski-lift, but at the top you can forget that and enjoy the ride if it lasts the rest of your life. And then you forget to doubt that this is what the cosmos means by growing stars and planets. You forget that a consumer can also be replaced by a robot. Robot make, robot earn, robot buy. A human robot is using a very robot-like part of the brain called conscious, a tiny fraction of what evolved to be the mind, and it's a part designed to wake up when we sleep and sleep when we wake up. If it doesn't follow that pattern there is an illusion of awareness.

How do we watch ourselves sliding? Isn't the watching also sliding along? Sliding is a rushing thing. It won't rest. If we try to rest the sliding just goes on. A creature can rest but a robotic program can't unless we have control of the power source, and we don't except to fall asleep. So if we rest, which wins? The creature is perceptive, the sliding is the programming. Can the creature rest while the sliding continues?

Why do you want perception? You can buy a little pill. 30 mins to 4 hours of intense perception. But it probably isn't good for the body. So you want the health-store version, like shrooms, only safer? Or is there something in you or around you that demands real humanity of you, and you refuse to disappoint it? If you refuse to disappoint it you will rest every day and watch the part of you that slides and refuses to be told to rest by the resting creature. As you watch it you will begin to find that this is not itself watching itself; there is another there, a creature who can rest. This undermines its authority and you are then free to find your own reasons for living, reasons in no way trivial.


PikdFlowr PikdFlowr
61-65, M
Oct 1, 2011