Not This Way!

How not to start the day? Let's see:

1. Don't start the day to the sound of a cat throwing up on your bed.

2. Don't start the day by having your partner wake you up and say "I forgot to set the alarm clock!!"

3. Don't start the day with all the lights on from the night before and a monstrous headache because of it.

4. Don't start the day with a bill collector harassing you on the phone.

5. Don't start the day by arguing with your mother-in-law when she calls at 7:30 a.m.

6. Don't start the day by asking your partner why she lets her mother call at 7:30 a.m.

7. Don't start the day with the sounds of fragile things breaking because they didn't get out of the cats' way fast enough.

8. Don't start the day by returning to the same fight you and your partner fell asleep in the middle of last night.

9. Don't start the day with no coffee.

10. And don't start the day in the same clothes you wore yesterday and fell asleep in!

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6 Responses Feb 25, 2010

Thank you, tilly! I love your wisdom, and your gentleness when passing it on. You're a rare find, and I'm so glad I found you!

All the things you listed are happenings you couldn't possibly control. That's why life is a challenge, no matter how we resolve to make things better. So many things are not ours to change and we simply have to cope. Very funny observations. Good writing!

Thank you, G! Do you mean lucky to be funny? Or lucky to wake up to the sound of a cat throwing up on the bed?! Doesn't Dudley D-R ever do that for you?? LOL

OMG, Your are too funny!!! We all should be so lucky!! LOL ........ G

So sorry, Littlemiss!! That must have been heartbreaking. Are you feeling better now? :(**

Gee, those are nothing..try don't roll over and find the person you loved and adored has left you because making an actually 'commitment' is too hard. (and no I don't mean marriage)