I Like to Cook When I Have Time to Do It Right

An old friend of mine called me tonight and asked me what I was I was doing.  I explained that I was de glazing a pan.  I explained de glazing.  Though this definition from www.reluctantgourmet.com is much better than mine.

"Deglazing is a technique often used to create a base for making sauces. After you finish the sauté and remove the excess fat, you will notice small amounts of flavor rich browned food particles stuck to the saute pan. To loosen these bits, just add a small amount of liquid, (wine, stock, lemon juice for example) to the pan and start stirring."

I made a beautifully flavoured sauce from chicken drippings, port, whisky, cream and lemon juice to go with the chicken I made for supper tonight.  I love to cook when I have time and the kitchen to myself.  Otherwise, during the week when we're all rushing home from work and school, I could really care less. 

It is important you remove the pan from the heat when adding any liquids with alcohol so you don't end up with singed eyebrows. You can now use this mixture to create a wonderful sauce to accompany your meal.

Francescanolonger Francescanolonger
46-50, F
Mar 7, 2009